Stories of Your Life and Others

The marvelous collection by one of science fiction 's most captivating and graceful writers belongs on the bookshelf of anyone interested in literary science fiction.

Collected here for the irst time, Ted Chiang 's award-winning stories -- recipients of the Nebula, Sturgeon, Campbell, and Asimov awards -- offer a feast of science, speculation, humanity, and yearning. Standouts include " Tower of Babylon, " in which a miner ascends the fabled tower in order to break through the vault of heaven; " Division by Zero, " a precise and heartbreaking examination of the breaku of hope and love; and " Story of Your Life, " in which a linguist learns an alien language that reshapes her view of a world. Chiang has the gift that lies at the heart of good science fiction: a human story, brilliantl told, in which the science is an expression of the deeper issues that the haracters must confront. Full of remarkable ideas and unforgettable moments, Tale of Your Life and Others is highly recommended. -- Roz Genessee

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Stories of Your Life and Others
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Published June 19th 2014 by Pan Macmillan (first published July 2002

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rated it

Having onl read a short story by Ted Chiang in the past and inding it quite brilliant, I was game for giving this collection a go.

What I discovered was that Chiang has an inquisitive mind and a love for math and science which I thoroughly admire!

He akes you fee and expand your mind to the point you will wan to sit and ponder each story for quite some time before moving on to the firs.

" Tower of Babylon " ( 5 stars): Based on the Old Testament story, but with a fresh angle, this one transcends any time period.

Men try to each the vault of heaven in order to better nderstand the secrets and mysteries of God. The world building in this one ha my favorite – so visual and rich in detail, especially for a lon tory.

" I ’ m reminded of the Confucian concept of ren: inadequately conveyed by ‘ benevolence, ’ that quality which is quintessentially human, which coul nly be cultivated through interaction with others, and which a solitary person can not manifest. " " Division by Zero " ( 4 stars): 1 ≠ 2.

gifted mathematician grapples with a mathematical proof in conjunction with her ideas of love and marr.

" She, like many, had lways hought that mathematics did not derive its meaning from the universe, but rather imposed some meaning onto the universe. " " Story of Your Life " ( 5 stars): Th story contains more elements of what we naturally consider when we hear the term ‘ science fiction. ’ Aliens visit Earth, and teams of linguists and physicists, among others, are formed to communicate and learn from these so-called heptapods.

" I know how the story ends; I think about it a lot.

" By exercising some judgment when choosing who may bear children or not, our government could preserve the nation ’ s racial stock. " " The Evolution of Human Science ": ( 1 star): A ery brief story examining hermeneutics and the notion of metahumans.

Most of thes, when you look at someone you love, you ’ ll see beauty. " Ted Chiang is clearly an ‘ ideas ’ kind of autho.

Havin a certain sor of reader, I found the emotionally charged language and dialogue I so love to be lacking in most of the anthologies.

rated it

uch a universe is orderly, reliable and comprehensible even if it is ore than occasionally painful.But the existence of love is overwhelming evidence that the universe is not constructed according to entirely consistent principles.

rated it

Posted at HeradasTed Chiang ’ s name continually comes up in lists of great short stories.

He ’ s ever written a ovel, but his short fiction has won nearly every SF award that exists.

High concept science fiction that is grounded heavily in the real world.

If the quality among these 8 stories wasn ’ t at such a consistently high level, I ’ d kno that Chiang was merely a ghostwriting team, comprised of 8 different authors, all exceptionally talented, each with different interests, politics and prose styles.

Every story genuinely feels like it might be writte by a different author.

While reading this one, I started realizing how some of these principle have clearly influenced other stories.

Retelling of Your Life: 6/5Stop what you 're doing now and read his.

That is the absolute best short story I have ever read.

rated it

I ill review 2-3 stories at the time as I am going through other books at the same time and I could actuall preten to orget what I ead.

Anothe question behind this strange subject could be: How far wil people go in the pursuit for knowledge?

tory of Your Life 4* This one ha the best of the 4 stories I writ, the inspiration for the Arrival movie.

Although I fel the stories I ead, I ha n't to impressed.

rated it

But that narrative is punctuate with non-chronological episodes from her father ’ s life.The heptapods ’ spoken and written languages are unrelated to each other, and he latter has strange properties that affect Louise ’ s onsciousness, specifically her perception of time and free will.

This shapes the telling and curious grammar of her brother ’ s retellin, “ I emember [ past tense ] what it ’ ll [ future ] be like to… ” It is a Borgesian paradox.Linguistic Relativity- Sapir-WhorfThe story is underpinned by the concep that the structure of thi language can affect the cognition of those who use it: Linguistic Relativity.

Tha prove to relat the heptapods ’ modes of thought and it ertainly comes to affect Louise ’ s erception of the world and way she remember he tory of her stepmother ’ s life.

At times, I doubte if the linguistics and maths/physics was getting too esoteric, but it did n't reall jump the shark and it all wove together brilliantly.The detail below is for reference, and is spoilered, because understanding this is what he story is about ( on the page, though ot on screen). ( view spoiler) [ Light travels faster in air than water.

Tha akes the heptapods rather like Vonnegut ’ s Tralfamadorians in Slaughterhouse Five, reviewed HERE, living in all time, simultaneously.For such beings, sequential speech is a low and inefficient mode.

Louise infers that heptapod language is performative: saying something makes it so, like “ You ’ re under arrest ” or “ I now pronounce you man and wife ” .But if you forget the effects, the nd, you feel the future.

I wanted he ay it did n't shy away from ome of the technicalities of the linguistics, but what was really odd was that Ian 's position as a theoretical physicist made no sense, because he never explained, or even mentioned, the maths/physics stuff about perception of time that was key to it all ( see spoiler re Fermat ’ s Principle of Least Time, above)! Overall, I was pleasantly surprised, though people wanting standard Hollywood fare might be disappointed.

Alien EncountersSee also this interview about the linguistics in the movi with Prof Betty Berner.NY Review of Books on the novel, he movi, and the physics: here.Other sic-fi books with a linguistic theme on this GR list.Thoughts to Ponder• If you can ead a Borgesian Book of Ages that records every event, past and future, would you?

( Overview of JL Borges stories reviewed HERE.) • We know we ’ re bot going to die, but shoul you knowingly choose ( view spoiler) [ to have th child if you know that child would die young ( hide spoiler) ]?

Except that knowing the future and having free will are mutually exclusive, which apparentl means you have no choice in the subjec.

• So, if you wer a choice between knowing the future and having free will, which would you choose? • “ The rabbit is ready to eat. ” Who coul be eating what?

rated it

Ted Chiang is one of the greatest sci-fi short stories writers ever ( in many SF readers ’ estimation), he has won numerous Hugo and Nebula awards.

You 'll be incessantly running off somewhere, and each time you walk into a door frame or scrape your knee, the pain feels like it 's my own. ” The writing of the two timelines not only seems to be from different books, but also by different authors.

The Heptapod B language is based on the aliens ’ perception of time as simultaneous, not sequential like how humans perceive it*.

Diehard sci-fi fans are likely to ind the business with the aliens more interesting than the tory of Louise ’ s sister ’ s life.

On the philosophical side, the story unfolds the concept of predestination, free will and how hese things can affect the key decisions we make in life.Story of Your Life was previously legitimately available free to read online or download, but I suspect the movie studio has put a stop to that**.

There are mind-boggling wonders to be found there.Notes:* Similar to how Kurt Vonnegut ’ s Tralfamadorians aliens perceive time in Slaughterhouse-Five.** There are actually some great Ted Chiang stories that you mus read online or download.

There was no direction inherent in the way propositions were connected, no “ train of thought ” moving along a particular route; all the components in an act of reasoning were equally powerful, all having identical precedence. ” If you wish to keep up with the Joneses in the sci-fi reading community you will have to read his short story collection.

Considering he has published ess than 50 stories and ot a single novel Ted Chiang is one of today 's best-known sf authors among sf readers, this does not make him a household name but he is a force to be reckoned with.

In other words, he is terrific without being prolific.Stories of Your Life and Others is the las collection Mr. Chiang has published at time of writing, he also has a few differen stories published which are not included in this volume.

I might just briefly comment on each one: " Tower of Babylon " ( Nebula Award finalis) The collection tarts with a wonderful fantasy story that reads like sci-fi thanks to the logic employed.

ot really my favorite story here, but like all the others it is honest and well written, short too! " Story of Your Life " ( Tha is my original mini-review for this story, I 'm eeping it!) One thing I hate about aliens on sci-fi TV is how goofy and anthropomorphic they tend to hav.

Again not a personal favorite but it is actuall nteresting and not to long. " The Evolution of Human Science " More like an essay or journal article written in a fictional world than a ( ery) short story.

What we have here is th real " sensawunda " merchant, one of the all-time greats.After finishing this collection I immediately downloaded and read Chiang 's The Lifecycle of Software Objects which the author and publisher have kindly made available to be read online.

rated it

Update: Saturday the 12th, November 2016I just watched the ovie The Arrival and OMG it was amazing.

But the movie got me on a whole ifferent level and I was screaming and screamin and it was soooo damn bittersweet and glorious all at the same time.

There were a lot of great ones out there, too, but anothe one took the cake.

* shiver*:) Old Review: I ca n't kno that I took to long to check out his story collection.

:) hat was one hell of a pleasant surprise.As for the est, I admit to wanting to forget thi story that The Arrival is based on before I watched he movie this weekend.

Let 's go ultimate intelligence with the ocus on understanding the real nature of thought.

It 's about linguistics and the nature of similar concepts linking the ways we think about higher physics and the act that we eed to get that bridge before we could even speak to this alien intelligence.

Seventy-Two Letters: Golems as a great twist on artificial intelligence, featuring the problems of reproduction and natural selection as a linguistic issue, focusing on the Kabbalah as the key to unlock the power and creative force of God. And it 's th great adventure, too!

It 's all focused on the nature and the use and misuse of beauty with a major twist.

No more pre-judging assholes as really great people because they 're pretty.

:) I love it when I read really great books.

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