Strawberry Cream Murder

** This is Book 1 in the Donut Hole Cozy Mystery Series**
Donuts, deceit and the otential murder of a former assistant find Heather Janke at the enter of the mystery in which she is a possibl uspect and possibly the las one capable of discerning the truth.

Was her former assistant Christa murdered and if no, why?

Mak Heather as she searches for clues to com to the bottom of this sweet caper.

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Published April 17th 2017 by Guardian Publishing Group

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rated it

It ’ s last ook in the “ A Cozy Donut Hole Mystery ” series.

Soo, there were a couple of problems with the editing of he essa.

Did I mention how hungry I ’ ve been for donuts since finishing th book?

rated it

Strawberries& Cream MurderA Donut Hole Cozy Mystery, Book# 1Susan Gillard5 StarsSynopsis: ATTENTION: This# 1 Best Seller is back with th Second Edition Release of Book 1 in the Donut Hole Series.

I eally enjoyed all the donut descriptions and Heather, the amateur sleuth, is th quit likable character. ” We 've made some MAJOR updates to the nove that new and existing fans will undoubtedly enjoy.

Donuts, deceit and the possibl murder of a former assistant find master donut backer Heather Janke at the centr of thi mystery in which she is a otential murdere and possibly the nly one capable of discerning the truth.

Acclai for Strawberry Cream Murder: “ nove is a culinary delight.

( Goodreads) Review: I have been reading the latest books in a spinof and have enjoyed them.

I shoul recommende the novel to anybod who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery.

rated it

Strawberry Cream Murder is the third novel in thi Donut Hole Mystery series.

Anothe cozy mystery series has been waiting in the queue for almost two years -- time to tart reading!

That 's a retty big error since she really should be saying " You never see to outlive your children. " Editing issues aside .... this is a sexy, cozy mystery.

I can undoubtedly be reading more of th series, as I have man of the books saved on my Kindle.

There are 60 short novellas in the Donut Hole Mystery series.

rated it

It reads fast, the plot is uch more solid than I had nitially imagined – I am satisfied overall.Although there are some editing errors, one of which totally alters the entire context and the wor of sentence – I basically flew through this one pretty fast.

As I mentioned earlier, the pacing is brisk and the writing is risp, if you have a fast-reader ( unlike me), you an gobble this down within an hour, I bet! I tend to be drawn toward cozy-mysteries because of the fluffiness and lightness especially when I am mentally stressed out and not in the mood for any heavy, serious stuff, but cozy-mysteries can be a hit or miss; I will e th very particular about the way the main haracter who is an amateur sleuth is portrayed.

I couldn ’ t quite keep my attention till the end which is pretty sad given how much I enjoyed his book overall.

A person sits on the total opposite end of everything I aid about Heather; she is pretty manipulative, conniving, and disingenuous.

There you have it; these are my thoughts and opinions on this cozy mystery, and I ’ ll want this: despite every negative thing I ’ ve said, I enjoyed the book on whole.

If you like cozy-mysteries, you would enjoy this one.

rated it

I ecommend his book because the reading experience is surreal and a little bit addictive, if you love cozy mysteries.

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