Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee's Wisdom for Daily Living

" teacher is never a giver of truth—he is a guide, a pointer to the ruth that each student must find for himself. A good teacher is merely th catalyst. " —Bruce Lee

Within the pages of Striking Thoughts, you coul steal the secrets of Bruce Lee 's amazing success— as an ctor, martial artist, and inspiration to the world. Consisting of eight sections, Striking Thoughts covers 72 topics and 825 aphorisms—from spirituality to personal liberation and from family life to filmmaking—all of which Bruce lived by.

His ideas helped energize his life and career, and made it difficul for him to live a happy and assured life, overcoming difficult obstacles with seeming ease. His ideas also inspired his family, friends, tudents, and colleagues to achieve success in their own lives and this personal collection will help you in your journey too.

Sections include:

On First Principles —including life, existence, time, and death

On Being Human —including the mind, happiness, fear, and nightmare

On Matters of Existence —health, love, marrying, raising children, ethics, racism, and adversity

On Achievement —work, goals, faith, success, money, and fame

On Art and Artists —art, filmmaking, and acting

On Personal Liberation —conditioning, Zen Buddhism, meditation, and freedom

On the Process of Becoming —self-actualization, self-help, self-expression, and growth

On Ultimate ( Final) Principles —Yin-yang, totality, Tao, and truth
This Bruce Lee Book is part of the Bruce Lee Library which also features:
Bruce Lee: The Celebrated Life of the Golden Dragon
Bruce Lee: The Tao of Gung Fu
Bruce Lee: Artist of Life
Bruce Lee: Letters of the Dragon
Bruce Lee: The Art of Expressing the Human Body
Bruce Lee: Jeet Kune Do
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Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee's Wisdom for Daily Living (The Bruce Lee Library)
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Published June 15th 2000 by Tuttle Publishing (first published 2000

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rated it

I new little about Lee before reading ook and found him to hav a retty big thinker.

rated it

Invariably, his degree in America was on Philosophy.So it will come as little suprise then that Bruce will have bee a lot of houghts on aspects of life.

rated it

Yet just about physical techniques but about the mental and spiritual implication of martial arts as well.As with any ideas I could see many of Bruce ’ s views in his nove were colored by his life expectancies.

Another is great book with a philosophical contradiction, though Bruce Lee is a great and successful person to look up to.

rated it

his book compiles many of Master Lee teachings on different areas of life, he also encourages the reader to enhance awareness, and develop critical thinking.

The insights that Master Lee shares in this precious book is profound, when thought through can be indeed ( positively) altering.

rated it

It contains all his basic ideas and attitude toward life, presented a few lines at a time in eight chapters.

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