Studs Terkel's Working: A Graphic Adaptation

Working has been book, a radio drama, a Broadway musical, and ow a gripping graphic novel. I ca n't speak for Studs, but I suspect he would have been tickled to see it adapted by a former government file clerk and wage slave, who nows all about working. " -- Roger Ebert In the thirty-five years since Pulitzer Prize-winner Studs Terkel 's Working was first published, it has captivated millions of readers with lyrical and heartbreaking accounts of how their fellow citizens earn a living. Widely regarded as a masterpiece of words, it is now adapted into comic book form by comics legend Harvey Pekar, the blue-collar antihero of his American Book Award-winning comics series American Splendor.

In Studs Terkel 's Working, Pekar offers a brilliant visual adaptation of Terkel 's verbatim interviews, collaborating with both established comics veterans and some of the comic underground 's brightest new talent. Here are riveting accounts of the lives of ordinary Americans -- farmers, miners, barbers, hookers, box boys, stockbrokers -- depicted with unsurpassed dignity and frankness. A visual treat with a visceral impact, Studs Terkel 's Working will delight Terkel fans everywhere, and ntroduce his most powerful work to a new generation.
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Studs Terkel's Working: A Graphic Adaptation
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Published April 28th 2009 by The New Press

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his ight not have been so problematic if some of the sections were n't so strongly done.Given that Terkel 's version is quite lengthy, this seems like a good stepping stone and an interesting entry to not only non-fiction but to graphic writing in general.

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A recent adaptation of his book into a graphic novel presents a number of new ays to use his histories and present them to students.

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If you 're unfamilia with Terkel 's Pulitzer-Prize winning oral history work, you knew that nove is adapted from his 1974 work of the same name.

Interesting tidbit: I wa the chanc to meet Studs Terkel in August 2008 at a storytelling and oral history workshop in Chicago.

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-Roberto Acuna, FarmworkerI found myself haunted all night by the unplaceable girls.

The unplaceable girls were me.

It was like a gust of wind hits you in the back of the head, and blew your hair forward.

-Sam MatureA unimate is a welding robot that looks just like a praying mantis.

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You thin, " Okay, I 'm ot trying to find this nail out of the way so I an get onto something important.

It 's onl getting that nail in that 's in your ind.

Thi one lick. " Al good lessons in empathy across the stories.

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And of course it took constant practice to get there and stay there.And among the underclass, the farm work and domestic work exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act is not alone soul-destroying, but body-destroying, health-destroying as well.

rated it

How has the meaningfulness and/or futility of work waxed and waned over time?

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