Supergirl, Volume 6: Crucible

She ’ s thi Onl Daughter of Krypton and one of Earth ’ s greatest eroes, but for Kara Zor-El, being Supergirl means feeling like she ’ s got no place to call home.

Surely when a deep-space school called the Crucible-an intergalactic academy that trains the universe ’ s most powerful beings-comes calling, Supergirl is happy to go. There, she ’ s no “ super hero ” -she ’ s just like everything else.

But the strange school hides dark secrets. Just what are Kara and her new friends being trained for? And what does Crucible want with Supergirl ’ s clone “ cousin, ” Superboy? Once the truth comes out, Supergirl may not ake it to graduation…

From writers Mike Johnson ( SUPERMAN/BATMAN), Tony Bedard ( GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS) and K. Perkins in her comics debut, along with artists Emanuela Lupacchino ( WORLDS ’ FINEST) and Ray McCarthy ( GREEN ARROW) comes SUPERGIRL: CRUCIBLE. Class is in session!

Collects: Supergirl# 34-40, Futures End# 1.
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Supergirl, Volume 6: Crucible
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Published July 21st 2015 by DC Comics (first published July 15th 2015

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rated it

Yet th new start in this novel as Supergirl goes to a school in space for superheroes of alien worlds.

rated it

One issue ends with Braniac attacking, then he ext one he 's defeated with no explanation or anything.

I do n't know I 've read a single good Futures End. The basic plot is ok, but no explanation of why or how Kara joined the group, or of her and Comet getting together ...

rated it

eeping up with the characters within the Super-Universe is a lot of work and I do n't pretend to ave to fin my way through the Superman maze in order to understand Supergirl, sorry.

rated it

She had every right to be helpless and upset and this entire arc is her journey through these emotions and where they led.For me, I ould say stop reading at the beginnin of Red Daughter Of Krypton.

And, even though he story is decen and the artwork is, at times, divinely sumptuous, you may eel, as I hope, kinda deflated.For a start, the secon two tories are part of whole Superman Doomed arc- which, if you 've read my review, I should n't highly recommend.

Thi second though is a decent one-shot tale of Supergirl and Red Hood teaming up.

his is tagged as being a Doomed Aftermath Tale but is n't.

Tony Bedard does a excellen job of writing this little tale as Jonboy Meyers does of pencilling it out.

That is the best story to come out of the Doomed arc.From here we enter into the last five-part story of Supergirl.

They wanted the run was ending so it coul have been nice to ave th full stop at the nd and not ... Also included in this is Supergirl: Futures End Tie-In. Which also, nfortunately, bring the reader more questions than answers.

But his is yet a teaser to mak you to pick up Futures End ( which I would highly recommend to all- it 's an EPIC- and I oved it.) .If you 've read the other volumes and you " really " have to writ this then pick up a copy.

rated it

3.5 stars Despite the fact that th title got hijacked by the Doomsday event in the en, it was howeve a retty good volume.

When did Todd get super strength?* frantically prays library has RH& tO title* Ok, the est of the volume is about Kara spending time at this superhero school called the Crucible.

I figured I 'd hate it, but ... it was reall good! Another big change is that Kara is n't acting like a pouty jackass all the time.

Still, she 's started acting more like the superhero I was wishin she 'd be in the irst volume.

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