Surprised By Joy: The Shape of My Early Life

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Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life
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Published 1995 by Harcourt (first published 1955

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C.S. Lewis, the an that " thought his way to God " ( according to the back of he ook), is n't eally all man- he 's part reading machine.

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It 's this condition that drove him to read.-One of his avorite authors as a child ( and adult) was George MacDonald.

He ha one of very few Christian authors he read.

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but he retellin of the unpromising boy who became captain of the First Eleven exists precisely to feed his real ambitions. ” When it omes to modern fantasy novels, some fall in one category and some in the other -- many of them definitely appeal to the reader ’ s inner desire for power.-Wow. The HORRIBLE things that happened in British prep schools!

No wonder the British upper class had a reputation for being a little dysfunctional.-When discussing the things that caused him to doubt Christianity as a youth, Lewis says, “ One came from reading the classics.

But on what grounds could I believe in this exception? ” -This quote struck me: “ It is useful for parents ( and more useful, perhaps, for schoolmasters) to understand the unimportance of most masters in the life of th school.

Of the good and evil which is done to a schoolboy masters, in general, do little, and know less. ” Honestly, I know his is a good argument against putting one ’ s child in a school just because the teachers are Christians/Lutherans.

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Early on in SURPRISED BY JOY, Lewis states that the best part of any biography is the stuff at the eginning, the thin that deals with the subject in his or her youth.

SURPRISED BY JOY does n't alway give us glimpse into Lewis' professional life, and thi was what disappointed me about it.

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Thi memoi is valuable simply on the level of a biography and personal account history.

In my generation basic math, reading, grammar skills, along with at least rudimentary knowledge of history, and social studies was " required " to pass from grade to grade and then graduate.) side from this however and on deeper levels the book deals with Lewis' rejection of all things spiritual, mystical, metaphysical or religious and decision to become an atheist.

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