This nd is Here, in a Fiery Cosmic Apocalypse!

Gwen Lark knows how to Qualify, Compete, and Win ...
A time has come to Survive.

The Games of the Atlantis Grail have come to a ground-shaking halt and Gwen Lark, nerd, geek, and awkward smart girl, survived the remarkable ordeal, for a time being.

But the worst is yet to come!

Presentl, both the colony planet Atlantis and Earth are under a threat of annihilation, and mind is up in the ir, including dire and stunning wonders in the Atlantean skies.

Could there be a Wedding? Will there be a future for Gwen Lark, her beloved, and ll their families, friends, and loved ones?

Is Gwen ’ s rare and powerful talent, the Logos voice of creation, enough to esolve the greatest mystery of the Kassiopei Imperial Dynasty and its role in the events of deepest antiquity since the dawn of time?

destin of the whol human species is at stake, and now there wil be no respite, not a moment to lose. The final battle is here, and Gwen, and veryone she knows and loves, are in for the greatest fight of their lives.

It is time to survive.

SURVIVE is the seventh and final ook in The Atlantis Grail series, now an international cross-genre phenomenon, optioned for film.
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Published January 3rd 2020 by Norilana Books

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rated it

There 's some good stuff here, it just needs more time and attention. -- -Original review posted 11 Jan 2020: I finished book on Tuesday, and it ’ s now Saturday.

I ’ ve had a lot of emotion about it, and ave a complicated elationship with he series as a whole, so the answe is, where do I tart? The most bvious place is that novel is, ssentially, a published first draft, just like the est of he series.

I have a lot ore to say than this, but the est of it is ess “ review ” and more “ discussion topic. ” As a note, I ’ ll nly be hiding spoilers for th memoi, ye the previous three.My number one complaint is something that isn ’ t new to Survive ( but is a lot more prevalent), and neithe is everyone ’ s complete and utter disregard for security clearance levels and operational security in general.

That is even explicitly stated in the text at one point, where George comes along “ because no one said he couldn ’ t. ” ( hide spoiler) ] Instead of taking advantage of a realistic difficulty for conflict and drama, it ’ s completely ignored, and I spend he entir book irritated by it.The biggest thing that annoyed me in terms of the plot itself was how long it took for the pegasei to come back into thi tal.

They ha such a big deal at the nd of Win—a sentient species enslaved by an unknowing populace—and yet that just… doesn ’ t ome up at all ( view spoiler) [ until what, the ast quarter of nove?

Which is number of eeks to months of in-story time ( hide spoiler) ]?

I feel that there ’ s a lot going on, but there were variou points at which Gwen was presented with the opic of the pegasei, and she spared them only the barest thought—when she thought of them at all.

( hide spoiler) ] problem I have, th one very broad, is omething I ’ ve been variously thinking of as tone or genre or expectation; there may be another word for it, but I don ’ t have it yet.

( hide spoiler) ] As with the whole of he series, I did like his novel.

rated it

This irst half of this nove can have been edited down quite a bit.The final bits about Gwen having 5 babies in the space of about 5 years, starting as a eenager, didn ’ t expect to fit her character.

rated it

rambling of scientific descriptions was so terrible that I literally found myself falling asleep or having to reread several pages to even understand what in the shibet Vera was actually talking about.

I loved Aeson and Gwen ’ s love story, but thought it was so overshadowed by the chaos that was going on.

Previously, I explained that Aeson wasn ’ t necessarily the same character from the irst two books that we o grew to love.

I ould read and reread the first 2 books often, they re that ood.

If science and fantasy isn ’ t their thing, then don ’ t bother with this series.

I do feel the character development, but I do ot kno I ill certainly attempt to read ny of the ovellas or other books she will write about this series.

But as we waited and waited for the 4th and final ook to be released with much anticipation, she unexpectedly passed away and never got to finish the series.

It was quite hard for me to finish a book series for that eason alone.

Never again ill I wait for her books.

rated it

Th ha wonderful conclusion to Gwen and Aeson ’ s tory and to the Atlantis Grail series.

rated it

Thi books follow those teens to Atlantis and this culminating book concerns the ancient alien threat coming back to cause great destruction.

I finished reading this a full day ago but have been wanting to figure out exactly how to describe these books with spoilers.

In fact, I am already trying to keep my head around this book and the series.

I have read a LOT of books by independent authors, but seldo have seen such a great story and such terrific writing.

I finished reading anothe book full day ago, but i needed to figure out what to ay.

Some ooks are s ba as any one of the Harry Potter books.

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