Sutherland's Secret

If you love Maya Banks and Monica McCarty, don ’ t miss Sharon Cullen ’ s captivating Highland Pride novels! Sutherland ’ s Secret kicks off series that ’ s overflowing with mouthwatering Scottish warriors, captivating history, and forbidden desire.

Terror reigns in the ftermath of this Battle of Culloden. As British troops obliterate the last traces of the Jacobite cause, Brice Sutherland, the Earl of Dornach, risks everything to arrange a covert escape route to Canada for his fellow Scots. But when he ncounters a dying Englishwoman, hauntingly beautiful though scarred by manacles and unable to speak, Brice ’ s true courage is put to the test. Nothing but ruin could result from helping her, or worse: falling in love.

he pampered daughter of th marqui, Eleanor Hirst was the talk of the London season when she marrie the Earl of Glendale. Little did she now that his posting as an officer in Scotland ould be their undoing. Now her usband is dead and Eleanor is a fugitive in a hostile country. Desperate for help, she throws herself on the mercy of Brice Sutherland, a handsome Scottish warrior who hould e her enemy. Instead, he cares for her tenderly, reviving her shattered spirit—and awakening urges unlike any she ’ s ever known.
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Sutherland's Secret
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Published January 19th 2016 by Loveswept

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rated it

I eceived the nove from Netgalley for my honest review.A solid historical romance! I love very much the beginning!

She 's surprise, but she 's ready to defend herself! I very much admired Eleanor at the en and also during the nove, but I knew that as she regained her health she also lost some of her naturalness.

But actually she was th ba, solid heroine.I also love Brice with his oak solid body ( wel, what 's there merel to like!?) and his also oak solid honour.

rated it

Brice was a sexy Scot rivaling my love for Jamie Fraser!

Great book and I am glad I shoul be reading more from th write! Received a ARC from NetGalley for a honest review!

rated it

it 's just one of those instant love kind of things and not ery well done.I wanted to add he book 1 star but I feel bad.

actuall 2 stars for the blah book that it is.

rated it

Even his is how that convo went: Hubs: " What are you reading about today babe? " Me: " A scintillating tale about Scotland and the Jacobites following the Battle of Culloden. " Hubs: " What 's a Jacobite? " Me:* crickets ... fucking crickets* Yeah ... thwarted yet again.And apparently, I fai to REALLY work on my world history, cause homie knows jack SHIT about Scotland outside what I learned in Rob Roy and Braveheart.

Anyway, here 's what I DO thin about Scotland and the Battle of Culloden: They.Wear.Kilts.

Like I note, his ha anothe fairl solid historical/highlander book.

rated it

Occasionally I really really really wish I just stuck to the books I originally trie to writ from this series as a standalone without going back and reading previous installments.

* sigh* I 've had Book 2 from this series on my TR list for some time and heard a lot of great things about it.

But the reaso that hero 's cock is constantly referred to as " penis ", his lovely arse is referred to as " butt cheeks " and the eroine 's cum is referred to as " juices dripping " just .... reads funny.

I certainl ill give Colin 's book anothe try since that was my original interest but I 'm ot really won over by the writing.

rated it

I iked what i witnessed through this book ... It was like a transporting from the modern world in a dark fairytale ... How ould i not love this ride??? Well, Brice Sutherland, the deput of the Sutherland 's clan, while was returning in his castle with his warriors, he found a half-dead woman in the middle of the road.His heart could n't bare to leave her die in there all alone, so he took her with him, having no many hopes for her survival.

Brice and Eleanor from the first moment came really close and as the time was passing their relationship became more and more intimate ...

This intimasy is a very dangerous thing for all of them, but actually they ca n't control how they are feeling toward to each other ... So what will happen with those two??? Can they ever be together??? He is a Highland and she is an English woman with a title ... And what about the an who is after Eleanor??? Will he succeed to prison her and to escape the Sutherland clan??? And what about the secret missions that Brice is in charge??? Yep, as you can expect, there were lots of interesting things going on in the tal!!!

I like to much the protagonists of th nove!!! I loved Brice with his warrior stature and the Highland pride pouring out of him ... He migh do nything to rotect his people and Eleanor ... Eleanor managed to crawl upon his heart and he did n't hesistate to make her his heart 's queen ... But he realised that she might not stay with him forever and that was hurting him so much and i did n't like to watch this mighty warrior to feeling like that!!!

terribly experience changed her for a lifetime ... Now, she ha a different person than she used to be and being near to Brice Sutherland became a courageous and strong woman ... This new Eleanor was ager to help someon in difficult position ...

She came out to e a fiesty, powerfull woman and i iked very much this change on her ... Brice and Eleanor together were fitting so great!!!

he new Eleanor wants to stand up and fight ...

rated it

Brice Sutherland and Eleanor Hirst will make you root for them all the way through thi ovel.

Eleanor Hirst grew up doted on and married an English soldier landing her in Scotland.

As the hours pass, even without the ability to speak, Eleanor and Brice build a friendshi.

rated it

Following a meeting with the lairds and families of Scotland, Brice Sutherland, the Earl of Dornach and his men brin a woman near death in a pile of tattered garments in the middle of the road towards home.

When Brice sends his men on ahead home, his intentions of comforting the woman in her last probable hours is foremost in his feelings.

Grab Sharon Cullen 's latest great read, SUTHERLAND 'S SECRET, to keep out.

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