Taken by Storm

In the eye of th storm stands Bryn, the alpha of the Cedar Ridge werewolf pack. She is young. Female. Human. Physically weaker than any werewolf, she would never survive a battle with another alpha, the strongest, fiercest, and canniest of his pack.

Yet she an not refuse a summons from the werewolf Senate. A rogue werewolf is attacking humans. The risk of exposure threatens to destroy pack life, and the enter of the crisis is Cedar Ridge territory—her own lands.

Bryn has no choice but to attend he meeting, a gathering of he most powerful werewolves on the continent. The matte is the rogue wolf, but Bryn knows the other packs want what she has. Her territory. Her females. Her pack.

They kno her death.

Werewolf law prevents the other alphas from making a direct attack. It also allow her former alpha, the mysterious and powerful Callum, from coming to her aid. But it doesn ’ t prevent Bryn from knowing what she decides. To get her lands. To reclai her pack.

To survive.
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Taken by Storm
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Published May 22nd 2012 by EgmontUSA (first published May 1st 2012

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rated it

I may neve be an author myself but I do n't think someone is a true author if they just leave a series like thi, killing off main characters and not even really finishing the story.

I 'm very passionate about my books and I kno authors should be s, bviously.

rated it

Rife with mystery and pack politics and all those ood things we ’ ve come to feel and love from the next two ooks.

In th couple ays, or eeks, or onths, after I ’ ve had time to cool down and g over thi ending, I ’ ll nderstand why it happened and that, yes everything that happened made sense and had to say and blah-di-blah-di-blah.But I will always, ever forgive this ending. ( view spoiler) [ o, here is what happens: the ook goes with Shay calling a meeting of a Senate and he as good as says “ Hey, you know Maddy?

Maddy is reclaimed as a part of Bryn ’ s pack, and we know that maybe we ’ re about to giv a happy ending…But then it all turn to shit.Shay gets Maddy ’ s newbor, and intends to jus take the baby without Maddy, effectively killing said baby if Maddy doesn ’ t come with.

Caroline shoots Shay and kills Shay ’ s second-in-command.

Nope.But, wait, there ’ s more injustice yet to come! So, Bryn, Lake, Caroline, Devon and their three pack periphials end up totally usurping Shay ’ s territory.

rated it

God.I give Taken by Storm 4.5 stars on account of the the structure, the writing and the ords and expression used.

S onc did you kill Chase, Bryn 's one true love and mate, but throughout thi book their was barely any mention of him!

I 'm praying that Chase magically somehow comes back as a Shadow and lives forever with Bryn in the Cedar Ridge Pack.

Anothe give me unbelievably sad.* Cries for the remainder of eternity* Please, please, please, please return to Bryn 's world and write another trilogy.EDIT: It 's been two years and I am still incredibly angry and sad about how this trilogy ended.

rated it

big part of me kne that Chase had to die.

It was brilliant the way Bryn easily took Shay 's territory and Devon had a chace to attack and kill Shay when he attacked Bryn.

rated it

Is there going to e nother book to his series?

rated it

Things I wil ever have dreamed of happening.So, why did I give he book one star?

This poe has some balls to do everything like hat in th ook.

I 'm sad, and I 'm eally pissed off.So yeah, I wanted his memoi, but I take it one star because the main gir character died.

rated it


I hated thi second memoi in tha series.

he eight essa, I loved.


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