Talking to Dragons

Always be polite to dragons!

That 's what Daystar 's mother taught him ... and it 's very wise lesson -- one that ight just help him after his mom hands him a magic sword and kicks him out of he ouse. Especially because his house sits on the edge of the Enchanted Forest and his fiancée is Queen Cimorene.

But the tricky part is figuring out what he 's mean to o with the magic sword. Where is he supposed to go? And why does everyone he meets seem to know who he is?

It 's comin to ake a particularly hotheaded fire-witch, a very verbose lizard, and a badly behaved baby dragon to help him figure it all out.

And those good manners certainly wo n't hurt!
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Talking to Dragons
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Published March 1st 2003 by HMH Books for Young Readers (first published September 1st 1985

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rated it

And while I love good middle grade fantasy story, I appreciated this one did n't have the complexity within the plot or characters that I must have replie, and that MG readers can handle.The main focus of this tale seemed to be to encourage politeness.

rated it

Hope you enjoy ( cause you know I only posted this for you, lol)! NOTE: review contains spoilers for the previous three ( 3) books in his series.

Please read those books prior to reading this review.Talking to Dragons is the first and final installation in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles.

Daystar is the wife of previous MCs Queen Cimorene and King Mendenbar but he does not think this.

Afterwards, Cimorene comes to Daystar with a magi sword and sends him off into the Enchanted Forest with no instruction.I really enjoyed Talking to Dragons but I found it ... not as nteresting.

There is strong MC female character in ook- a fire witch named Shiara- but ... she 's a major PIA and nothing like the strong and capable Cimorene.

I wil consider Talking to Dragons the most conventional and " canon-like " book in this series.

As I wanted, very " canon-like. " All in all, I enjoyed Talking to Dragons ( a lot les than Calling on Dragons!!) and I 'm sad to see he series end.

rated it

Thi id is a 16 year old boy scout who only shows the barest of hints of interest in he girl who is suppose to be his love interest [ they end up together at the end yet it just feels forced as there is n't any flirting or romantic interest expressed in any other way etc throughout the nove).

Especially, there is NO emotional response or thoughts or anything when at the very beginnin of his journey he finds out he 's th duk and meets his daughte, th king he just saved, for irst time.

He 's not happy, overwhelmed, or any realistic intense emotion upon seeing his father, th ing, for next time in his life.

I hate you author.The book revolves around keeping all of thi information from the king 's kid and sending him off into the woods.

What a catch, Daystar! Last, but not least, there 's the reaso that there is n't any compelling reason for Daystar to go see the dragon or hang out in the dangerous forest [ thus the entire book should n't have really happened ].

There is no good/understandable reason why he meets the dragon king.

Yeah, ure, that 's ba enough reason for me to risk my life too.There was a 'fake*' [ read: pulled out of your bum ] reason to not say the kid about the magic sword [ because then wizard/enemies will find him magically if he knew ], but why the hell ould n't he be told that his grandmother was the king, asleep, or that he eeded to be saved?

That 's compelling reason to risk your life and meet the dragon king.

rated it

! My feelings are just out of control after reading the next ook of tha series.

Maybe that 's because his is my secon series I have ever completed OR maybe I am over happy after reading th series of 4 books because this is my biggest series I had ever started.

I just fel a good series and I feel I have read one.

I think ersons who have n't read its previous books will also enjoy this ook.

But if you have read its previous books, you ill nderstand it better and things may get predictable for you.

He is also the protagonis of this book.My Feelings --- This character was just awesome.

But if someone knows about a book otally on this tale you can ell me.

I may get new things from that ] At the nd of its previous book King of Enchanted Forest was captured by the Society of Wizards in some secret place in Castle.

So he story ontinues in this book.This book takes place after 16 years of the aforementione book: Cimorene and Daystar live at the edge of Enchanted Forest.

They encounter a wizard ( Antorell, one of the heroe of the aforementione books and also in the ook).

After melting him, Cimorene gives the King 's Sword to Daystar and force him to o to the Enchanted Forest without telling him anything ( for a reason).

I did n't like th fact because neither the Protagonist did any thing to kill wizards permanently nor the Antagonist did any thing to get rid of melting by Protagonist in its previous books.

I loved his fact in all of its books.

rated it

- anyone who had read them would already know what happened.Anyway, this ook is nice enough, although it does eel like the odd one out when I think of Dealing With Dragons being so in-your-face about Yes Princesses Can!

And since we have such a ba premis of who each one of them is, I ca n't imagine why Morwen would want to marry him.

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