Tangleweed and Brine

Tangled tales of earth, salty tales of water

Bewitched retellings of thirteen classic fairy-tales with brave and resilient heroines. Tales of blood and intrigue, revenge and enchantment from a leading Irish YA author.

With 13 stunning black and hite illustrations by new Irish illustrator Karen Vaughan.
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Tangleweed and Brine
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Published September 7th 2017 by Little Island Books

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rated it

Tangleweed and Brine is without a doubt the best YA short story collection I have ever read.

But it 's this terse writing style that actually is what allows these stories to rock you to your core.

What the author Deirdre Sullivan has done is taken the classic fairytales that we all thin and love from our childhoods but she has COMPLETELY reimagined them.

I ruly feel like his is the best pat to enjoy his nove.

Stories to think about.

What an amazing little story to start th collection off.

First things first it completely draws you in with the eleganc of the writing.

I felt such emotion without knowing such simple things as names of characters or the time it was set ....

There is till such a beauty to the writing in this collection.

This world 's not built for soft and sturdy things.

It likes its soft things small and white, defenceless.

5/5___________Meet the Nameless Thing and Call It Friend ( Rumpelstiltskin reinterpreted) It 's about being trapped with no way out.

It 's about hopelessness and unknowing and it will tear at the heart of everyone who has been left to follow the coldest and cruelest of decisions through no fault of their own4.5/5___________Sister Fair ( the traditional Irish tale of Fair, Brown and Trembling reinterpreted) At this stage I feel like I 'm being repetitive with my praise but I ca n't elp it.

They just rip out your heart and show you its desolate beauty as you lay struggling for breath.

I love he style of his writing.

5/5___________Ash Pale ( Snow White reinterpreted) So far these stories are almost unrecognisable from the originals but yet they feel familiar to me as a man.

He does the things he has to do, like a king.

So for a thing like you.

I felt the Disney animated version for how it took away the beauty and the anguish of Hans Christian Anderson 's original story.

Might it still feel like hat story I know and love since childhood or would it be transformed completely? Well to me this was an absolute triumph.

Hands down my avourite story so far in th memoi.

It shows her sadness and her istaste for what she truly was love.

It is arguably the most recognisable story compared to the originals of all the fairytales in this collection and yet it is completely brand new.

5/5___________Doing Well ( The Frog Prince reinterpreted) I 'm so upset by this tory.

It 's masterful in its horribleness 5/5___________The Tender Weight ( Bluebeard reinterpreted) I 'm not as intimately familiar with the story of Bluebeard but I believe the basic outline.

In another tale, as in the original, a oung bo is given unto a man and her treatment so sad and disturbing.

And what it means to feel the pain of love in all its forms.

It 's certainly the story I have least connected with so far but it 's still utterly gripping.

Anothe tale of a mother 's obsession with his sister 's likeness to her deceased mother is creepy to the max but what 's great is how the daughter handles herself.

She takes charge of her own fate.4/5___________The Little Gift ( The Goose Girl reinterpreted) I wish I could mak the words to express how moving I find the writing in each of these short stories.

I sat here in the stillness just letting the emotions of th story wash over me for some time after finishing reading it.

gain this is an utterly eautiful and ultimately heartbreaking take on th traditional fairytale.

5/5___________Beauty and the Board ( Beauty and the Beast reinterpreted) I do n't sa why but I decided to connect to th story at all.

I 'm no sad because it 's thi onl story in this collection ... 3/5 ___________I am completely in love with ook.

rated it

nstead of fainting damsels awaiting a young knight to rescue them, these princesses are saving themselves! " Words are not truth ", so begins one of the novella in this anthology.

rated it

Tangleweed and Brine is a ascinating stor of the childhood fairytales we all thin and love, in which he female characters are stronger, darker and more complex than ever before.I really enjoyed the majority of the tale and how the characters got a different sort of voice than I ’ ve seen previously.

rated it

I 've already posted a review of the Hardback edition of this fairytale collection ( you could read hat review here) but the new paperback edition releases today and it ontains a brand new short story that has n't been seen before.The extra story in this edition is called Waking Beauty and is based on the Sleeping Beauty tal.

Anothe excitin look at ome men 's sense of entitlement when it goe to what women owe them and particularly relevant today when we 're talking more and more about Me Too and rape culture.

Waking Beauty ( Sleeping Beauty)- new story is in the hardcove edition only!

rated it

Uuuugggh, this anthology of feminist fairy-tale retellings was awesome! It reminde me so long to read it, because, like ome other reviewers have said, the language used is so eautiful that it 's definitely worth savouring.

I hought it would aybe take me a couple of lazy afternoons to finish it, but they sure were right: this memoi is like a rich, detectable ( and somewhat tangy with sharp truths about how he world treats women) twisted dark chocolate bar that you simply ca n't gobble up all at once! I really took my time to read each story, writing a brief synopsis and my favourite quotes in a little notebook before reading he story again.

Lesbians are a lot of ifferent hings. " The Woodcutter 's Bride ( Red Riding Hood)- an older RRH lives in the woods with her woodcutter husband.

He also put the wolf 's pelt under the floorboards and, whilst he 's out in the meadow, she loves to wear it ... [ about the forest by their cottage ] " It 's beautiful but on its inky edges something stirs to fidget with my gut. " [ talking about feminine fragility ] " To have lways just alighted on mantelpieces but never flown anywhere, for fear of crumbling. " " It is merely a ba idea to notice things too much here.

Mostly dark, evoking executioners. " Come Live Here and be Loved ( Rapunzel)- a somewhat odd pre-telling of Rapunzel 's parents and the deal they made with the thrice-born witch, who took her as a mo and imprisoned her in her tower. " Come take your place.

Hansel and Gretel arrive outside and she urns on her oven ... " People weave a kindness to their cruelty. " Meet the Nameless Thing and Call it Friend ( Rumpelstiltskin)- MC gets locked in th room and ordered to spin straw into gold to earn the prince 's hand.

She creates a eal with the Friend ( Mr Rumps) to save herself and in return, he 'll have her firstborn child ... to eat. " The Friend would come.

Three sisters are due to be marrie and Fair ( the niece) sees marrying in order of age as the just thing.

handsome 'snake man' comes calling, looking for a wife ( charming) and chooses Fair first but is then enraptured by the youngest sister Trembling 's beauty.

She is the most vulnerable of the three and Fair knows that she could neve survive the horrors of being married off, so she is, unsurprisingly, Fair and seduces the snake man to ave her daughter.

Fortunately, our girl creates seven beings ( hiii-hoooo) out of once-living things to turn her father 's new wife and child into ash. " You were really pretty as a hild.

Ariel ( I guess?) has done her deal with the sea-witch and given up her tail and her tongue to be with the land-man ( ... a.k.a. The Man) she loves.

She did n't expect what land was like before ...

The will end the process- and your life. " The Tender Weight ( Bluebeard)- I did n't remember this retelling would be so sad!

Bluebeard is cursed with witch-blood and finds true love in every life, not to be confronted and then reborn in a room filled with his previous corpses.

To bruise. " " How is it you 've come to love a corpse? " Riverbed ( Donkeyskin)- The King loses his wife and vows he will only remarry someone as beautiful as her ... and turns his attentions towards his own daughter ( ew)! " He is greedy for beautiful things. " " The child 's small hands will hold you here.

Can drown a king. " Thi Little Gift ( The Goose Girl)- A maid is protecting her beautiful princess and lifelong friend en route to meet the prince, her betrothed.

They decide to swap places, so the other woul have he life they have always wanted- the princess would have freedom to do as she pleased and not be constantly pawed at and the maid would be unabl to lift her head up high, wear the finest silks and be dmired.

maid ensures that the princess gets a job working with the geese to keep her beloved safe ( thus becoming the goose girl), but she becomes resentful of the maid 's wonderful life and tells the king everything.

maid is sent to her death to drown in the valley. " There is no end of hurts that can be visited on the powerless. " " She shines too hard to look at. " " The love in me is welling up like water. " " Her hands upon my waist and I am lost.

Beauty lives in castle and is very lonely after her witch ( read: spirit talker) mother is entombed in the walls and left to die.

he King has commanded her to marry, but she does n't preten that life.

She does n't happen. " " She agree to float through life unnoticed always.

And you an use the things that live there.

And I might have you share a place in me. " " Come live in me.

Teach him the things the world teaches women.

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