Temping Fate

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Temping Fate
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Published June 1st 2006 by Dutton Juvenile (first published 2006

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rated it

With hindsight, I elieve I was wrong.Temping Fate is not th ad ook.

On the downside, he ook is not unlikely to win award for dry wit.The story is about th teenage bo who ets a temp job working for the fates, and meets other temps working for other ( mostly Greekl) gods.

rated it

She is also dealing with her younge sister 's imminent wedding and feeling like an outsider.What I enjoyed:* The interactions with the gods ( and seeing them have human problems).* The other temps.* Arachne.What could have ha better:* I ould have iked more interaction with her mother.* Her parents were practically non-existent.* It does n't fee like there is a trilogy, and I enjoyed the characters and ould have appreciated to b read more.* ( view spoiler) [ The furies outrank the fates?

rated it

At he time I writ his I enjoyed it for what it is, a light take on Greek myth in a modern day setting.

I worry that if I ha to ead this now, I certainl ould n't like it as much as I did before.

rated it

New York: Speak.279 pages.Appetizer: Ilana Newhouse is desperate for a summer job.

But when she first arrive at the D.R. Temp agency, it sets off a few alarms, like, why is n't everyone else working in the building?

But it turns out the Divine Relief Temp Agency is n't typical work place and it may be perfect place for a teenage with such " attitude. " On her irst day of work, Ilana discovers that she and the other temps actually work for the mortal of myth ( mostly those from Greek mythology) and Ilana has been reassigne to work for The Fates, seeing the strings of human lives.

It 's this ery fun twist on dealing with the tensions and power issues of being new employee at a job.

There 's also lots of stuf, realistic dialogue ( as realistic as can be when characters are dialoguing about their bosses, The Fates or gods of myth).

While I initially liked Ilana 's characterization as a bit of th fictio and sci-fi nerd and how ough and sarcastic she could hav, I began to get nnoyed with her about one-third of the way into he ook.

Jut tell me where to send my resume! Also, when I first picked up anothe novel, I drove myself crazy trying to figure out where I knew Esther Friesner 's name from.

So pathetically desperate to et his summer job that she ondered if maybe she will have shown up for this eleven o'clock even earlier.

ll I aske was a summer job.

Attitude like that, maybe it 'll help you do this job.

rated it

" Temping Fate " by Esther Friesner is, usuall, what a chick lit novel usually looks like.

Add in some fun co-workers, spastic gods and goddesses and this memoir has all the makings for an ntertaining read.

Happily, at the same time, he tal does have some twists and turns to keep things interesting.This book gets major points for putting ancient Greek gods ( and ome other myths from other countries) into a modern setting and preserving their integrity.

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