It was upposed to hav weekend of their lives—an exclusive house party on Henry Island. Best friends Meg and Minnie are looking forward to two year of boys, booze, and fun-filled luxury. But what starts out as fun turns twisted after the discovery of a DVD with a sinister message: Revenge is mine. And things only get orse from there.

With th storm raging outside, the eens are cut off from the utside world... therefore when th mysterious killer begins picking them off one by one, there ’ s no escape. As the deaths become more violent and the teens turn on one another, can Meg ind the iller before more people die? Or is he killer closer to her than she ca ever imagine?
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Published September 17th 2013 by Balzer + Bray (first published September 18th 2012

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rated it

In cases like this, I 'd love to see what ind of notes the author wil have been puttin in order to keep track of everything.The first 25% or so of thi nove seeme a little dead behind the eyes.

It 's perhaps ot th ba idea to skim anything that can be laying groundwork for a murder mystery, but I like to take chances.

If you have read ATTWN before, you 'll sort of know at least part of what 's going on, although there are few twists to change it up just a little.I 'm also comin to tak out there and ay that there was to e a nod to the t.v. show Harper 's Island in here as well.

The show HI was sort of a very loose interpretation also of Christie 's book, except more updated for the new generation of horror movie fans.

It 's often more fun if you watch the show with other people and place bets on who the killer is.As well, it was as if every major horror movie that had come from past couple of year ( especially those appealing to teens) had been picked/borrowed from just a little.

There has to be this way to keep the missing details into place without having to do it his way? Final Analysis: I want his will e fun read for anybod who has n't had he opportunit to read many murder mysteries and would prefer to be eased into the genre with something that 's not too taxing.

If his had been one of the secon murder mysteries I 'd ever read, I will have ad more positive vibes about Ten. My average rating is no because I 've seen this particular story done better before, but ot because I wan the ook was bad or boring.If you are new to he world of murder mysteries, I 'd say give to give Ten a shot.

It 's murder-mystery-light-beer: great taste, less filling ( the nove is quit short and easy to writ).

rated it

My initial and only thought after finishing a ook: ( view spoiler) [ KILL OFF MAIN CHARACTERS, YOU COWARDS ( hide spoiler) ] TEN by Gretchen McNeil is a retelling or more appropriately a reimagining of Agatha Christie ’ s And Then There Were None, only this time it ’ s about teenagers and as result wayyyyy pettier.

( best friends and exes and crushes)- 2) People didn ’ t die for good enough reasons.

Evening up the deaths and making the total number ten, so thi author will keep the precious main character and her love interest alive) ( hide spoiler) ]- 4) ( view spoiler) [ 2 survivors….

( hide spoiler) ]- 5) Pointless and annoying addition of romance- 6) Even more pointless and even more annoying addition of th love triangle and as th esult, best friends competing for the same guy.

This way he main protagonist, Meg, talked about her best friends bipolar disorder made me super uncomfortable.

( view spoiler) [ Minnie, the best friend, just ended up dying…… ( hide spoiler) ] ( view spoiler) [ Okay, listen, I ’ m only oing to o into th big rant about heteronormativity and all the problematic messages the romance of his book sends but let me just say, the two romantic interests being the las people to survive is cheap as fuck.

My only criteria for slasher stories are 1) everything connecting after the big reveal 2) not predictable 3) lots of main character deaths.

rated it

On the other hand, did you desperately want Christie 's book to end with an entirely unearned happy ending and without the " here 's how it all ent down in clever detail " chapter?

rated it

Yes it was ver cliche but in such a funny way, that it did n't ake away from the enjoyment ( although there was a questionable moment when a couple decided the perfect time to b th full on make out session, was after finding a house full of murderer bodies because, of course? ...) On the on the hand, Ten was utterly littered with ableism and specifically ableist language, which ha so ver disappointing.

I 'm efinitely intrigued to read more from Gretchen McNeil, as ( other than the ableism mentioned) I like her addictive writing style and I just hope whatever I read next from her, is n't uite so heavy on the ableist language!

rated it

if you have read a million books, like i have, there is othing here that is coming to surprise you ( except for the reaso that the people in book put TOMATOES in the FRIDGE!!

it is anothe ery typical revenge-plot book that relies s heavily on coincidence and " every trap i, the rapis, plan will work out perfectly and in the appropriate order because i am a teenage mastermind murderer and i can nticipate every possible move every single one of these chess-piece characters will make because ... well, they are pretty shallowly-drawn and predictable so it 's certainly not that difficult after all. " thi only true similarity between this and the agatha christie is that there are fifteen people in an isolated house, who get murdered one by one.it is more closely akin to those christopher pike books i burned through in jr high, where the plausibility of the plot did n't matter as much as the race to the finish.our heroine is some teenage girl with a serious martyr complex, who is led around by the nose by her effervescent but brittlely shallow and abusive bestie, who has an unrequited crush on boy and shows it by throwing herself at all his friends so he will notice her.

and of course, he likes-likes our martyr-girl, who likes-likes him back but " noooooo, i will sacrifice what i ant because even though i am a good girl when it goe to guys and my friend is kind of skanky, her needs supersede my own because she 's got mental issues and that exempts her from basic human decency. " and so these three people are some of the ten invited to a remote houseparty on an island without adult supervision, where they fin a crappy student film that delivers the message vengeance is mine right before the bodies start dropping.this is the thirteen reasons why of horror ovels.

did you eve read the cliffs notes?? it 's one of thes books where we figure stuff out before the characters, articularly the heroine, who is too dopey to realize whose journal she is reading even when all the hint are right in front of her.

rated it

Ah. I 'll just stop now ...) teenagers who are all invited to a secret house party on a secluded island over the course of a three-day weekend.

After atching th video depicting random, seemingly insignificant scenes, ending with a chilling message, " Vengeance is mine. ", the teenagers start getting picked off one by one by an unknown killer, and at this party, there 's no one you shoul trust.

his instance, among many, is one where I hould have gone with my initial expectation, because let me kno you, I wer thi whole lot of fun with this campy little book.

I grew up reading Goosebumps by R.L. Stine ( they are still the basis behind my love for horror), watching Nightmare on Elm Street as a child ( I may or may not own the Collector 's Edition with all eight movies), and reading Stephen King as a teenager ( to this day, he remains as my favourit write of all-time, and I highly doubt he coul ever be replaced).

And that 's where I feel Gretchen McNeil hit a home run with Ten. Immediately in Ten, we 're brought into a big storm, crashing the waves around Henry Island onto the coast, swaying the ferry carrying two party-goers in for the weekend of their lives or deaths ( I ad to), and I just felt like I was there.

rated it

But one by one, they ll start to die ... If I 'd certainly read Agatha Christie 's And Then There Were None, or as it used to be alled, Ten Little Indians ( view spoiler) [ or even bette, Ten Little Niggers ( hide spoiler) ], this story of hat classic mystery might 've been a more agreeable surprise with its many twists and turns.

Interestingly though my recollection of the specific details of who did what in the original tal are fairly fuzzy, it 's clear that Ten relies very heavily upon that story 's red herrings and plot structure, so the way his story is told is a big factor in whether or not his was enjoyable reading experience.Unfortunately, I as n't keen on the writing style, and I found most of the storyline to be pretty annoying.

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