Texas Secrets

Up-and-coming chef Maddie Collins finds out that her mother 's life was a lie when she is bequeathed a family homeplace she never knew existed—by the husband of the only woman her father ever loved. A former SEAL, sexy cowboy Boone Gallagher arrives back in Texas to discover that the ather who drove him away has struck one last blow. The nly place he 's ever thought of as home now belongs to oman who does n't do it, and he ust ge her there for thirty days–or it will be lost to them al.

* Updated, revised version of previously published The Family Secret ( Silhouette Special Edition).
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A Family Secret
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Published October 31st 2011(first published August 1999

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rated it

That ’ s retty much all you wan to know.Boone came back to his family ranch after his wife died.

Maddie came to the ranch to stay the 30 days that Boone ’ s mo ( Sam) had requested.

See, just a little different, but I feel you get the gist of it now.As far as contemporary cowboy romances, I think Texas Secrets: The Gallaghers of Morning Star is one of the better ones I ’ ve read lately.

She was wea and determined and felt like she belonged at Morning Star from the moment she saw it.

Although Maddie and Boone ’ s story came to a satisfying beginnin, it ’ s evident in the set up for the next books that they will play role in them.

rated it

Boone has also just arrived back home to fin that the ather who drove him away has struck one last hard blow.

Hold me home, Boone.

Audiobook and narratorThe narration did n't get me verly happy either.

Another gir was in many ways a strong heroine I liked but here in the audiobook edition she appeared as a damsel in distress too often.

rated it

That is he tale of Maddie, who goe to Texas to claim a ranch house left to her by an estranged friend of her now deceased father.

There she encounters Boone, the fathe 's on, who is ( needless to say) ticked about the reaso that his wife did n't eave the house to him and his cousin.

rated it

Sam 's will stipulates that the land will continue to belong to Boone but the house as well as few acres are Maddie 's.

rated it

This final connection was efinitely hot so I 'll remembe it was worth it! Overall, loved this one& will definitely read the others in thi series.

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