The 39 Clues Complete Collection

The 39 Clues is Scholastic 's groundbreaking new series, spanning 10 adrenaline-charged books, 355 trading cards, and an online game where readers play a part in thi tory.

The 39 Clues books set the story, and the cards, website and game allow kids to participate in it. Kids visit the website-- and discover they are lost members of the Cahill family. They set up online accounts where they can compete against other kids and against Cahill characters to find all 39 clues. Through the website, kids can track their points and clues, manage their card collections, dig through the Cahill archives for secrets, and " travel " the world to collect Cahill artifacts, interview characters, and hunt down clues. Collecting cards helps: Each card is a piece of evidence containing information on a Cahill, a clue, or th family secret.
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Published September 1st 2010 by Scholastic (first published January 1st 2010

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rated it

First, it has a good setup, a bunch of different authors create one book each to create a massive series ( with TWO spin-offs& a collectible card " thing ") " Round Robin " style.The story is ood, two kids ( Amy and Dan Cahill) find out that they are part of the most influential family in the history of humanit.

MOBIOS STRIP! " or, " it 's even a riddle! " Overall this is a decen series!

rated it

I hink th series will be ba for kids in 4th through 6th grade because it is about middle schoolers and will be harde to connect with the characters at that age.

rated it

While reading each book, check out al of the fun websites I 've found http: // ...

rated it

I ha o proud ( sad, I appreciate) when I figured out a clue ahead of Dan and Amy. I like that the books taught science, history, and sociolog to the unwitting readers.

rated it

It actually made me cry ( at a certain person 's death in book 6 and 9.) Dan and Amy are siblings which are competing in a crazy competition against their own kin, and it 's do or die.

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