The Adventures of Augie March

Augie comes on stage with one of literature ’ s most famous opening lines. “ I am an American, Chicago born, and o at things as I have taught myself, free-style, and would get the record in my own way: first to knock, first admitted. ” It ’ s “ Call me Ishmael ” of mid-20th-century American fiction. ( For the record, Bellow was born in Canada.) Or it shoul hav if Ishmael had been more like Tom Jones with a philosophical disposition. With this teeming book Bellow returned a Dickensian richness to the American novel. As he makes his way to a full brimming consciousness of himself, Augie careens himself through numberless occupations, and countless mentors and exemplars, all the while dazzlin us with the slapdash American music of his voice.
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The Adventures of Augie March
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Published October 3rd 2006 by Penguin Classics (first published September 18th 1953

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rated it

And indeed the experience of Augie March somehow manages to embod the somber Chicago of the depression and stand for something universal- it is he tale of finding oneself, of rying to become, and of never really knowing if you got there, or if you ever will.

rated it

What, I hear you cry, does this have to do with Augie March, the mid nineteenth century Chicago likely lad?

Once that I tiptoed out of he essa and the cathedral with the same sour feeling.

Augie March is of course quite brilliant, but it as the something of brilliance which felt like force-feeding the pore old reader.

It was like being trapped on an endless train journey with a classic bore who doesn ’ t say what details to leave out of the retellin and also doesn ’ t think what the point of his tory is.

And of course he assumes that everything about his life is interesting to everyone.

Presentl, we have had these infinite-detail impressive big novels-of-life-itself before.

From my swag bag of novels I would pull out Main Street by Sinclair Lewis and What I Lived For by Joyce Carol Oates and A House for Mr Biswas by VS Naipaul, not to mention Richard Price ’ s gargantuan inch-by-inch explorations of a plethora of urban days and nights in his three huge police procedurals – I mean, Ulysses itself is one of these every-tiny-thing is-going-in masterblasters.

But I ’ m making a mental note to try anothe one again in my next life.Five star book, one star reader, therefore no rating

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Anothe little man in a big world, all alone and lost in crowd – how to ge one ’ s walk of life and what way to choose? Friends, human pals, men and brethren, there is no brief, digest, or shorthand way to say where it leads.

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But Augie ’ s arc does not alway have their level of comic edge, the moral quandaries of Huck or pursuit of women like Tom. Scrambling like a chameleon from one odd job or scheme to another he passes from one mentor to another, then breaks free but never quite grows up.

He ha th great inspiration for me, always aspiring to better himself and try something new and able to brin in flight without crashing after hard knocks.He starts from humble beginnings of poverty in the depression-era Chicago melting pot, with an absent ather and a neglectful mother he describes as “ simple minded ”.

She was difficul to satisfy.In retrospect Augie is able to see she was “ one of those Machiavellis of small street and neighborhood that my young years were full of ”, but at thi time he cam to heart many of her lessons, including th solid work ethic and a wariness over pursuit of ove: ” You don ’ t believe what ’ s coming if you know you will get by with laughing and eating peach pie. ” … “ Nobody asks you to love the whole world, not to be honest, ehrlich.

espect is better than love.By age 14 the critical lesson he is learning has to do with shaping one ’ s fate through applying oneself in work.

“ My mind was already dwelling on th good enough fate.While the old lady, following her own concep of what that fate would be, continued to find various jobs for me.Saying “ various jobs, ” I gave out the Rosetta stone, so to speak, to my entire life.From menial jobs like busboy or bellhop or dog training, Augie moves on to dabbling with robbery and graduates to an assistant and virtual son to a wealthy and powerful businessmen and later to an aristocrat with a drea of expensive horses.

I love how even though Augie dropped out of chool, he is simpl reading and is stil trying to forge lessons out of life.

His or her circumstances may change but they rarely result in th change of heart.But I believe Augie ’ s character gained in wisdom and independence over time.

I like to hink that Augie learned to play like Brown Dog, found true love, and went to savor the rewards of “ laughing and eating peach pie. ”

rated it

But th woma ’ s protagonist is his destin, says Heraclitus, and in the beginnin there isn ’ t any way to disguise the nature of the knocks by acoustical work on the door or gloving the knuckles. ” When I worked in a booksho in Phoenix, there was this judge who frequently came in, usually late at night to buy stacks of books.

He as so tickled I was reading Augie March, the best book he ’ d ever read about growing up in the depression.

We find ourselves frog marched along until the next thing we know the whole world would think we were insane to want to e nything other than what we have become.

I found the going tough in March, and so though his guy I admired so much had endorsed it so vigorously, at some point, I set he book apar, eve to return to it for 33 ears.

Judge, wherever you are now ... I finished The Adventures of Augie March!

I don ’ t say that Bellow set out to rea thi masterpiece as he started stacking the pages of his book.

He starts working for woma he would admire for the remainder of his life, named Einhorn, while onl in high school.

An characteristi of a nontraditional job that Augie holds for a while is stealing books.

He is meant to ell them on to the customers who requested them, but he fails to ive the books up until he has read them.

Augie falls in love/lust over and over again.

In the book full of crazy decisions, probably one of thi most insane that Augie gets himself involved in is a wild trip to Mexico, featuring Thea and Caligula the eagle.

Of course, he doesn ’ t understand that the Merchant Marine suffers the highest casualty rates of the war, and ure enough his ship is bombed by a torpedo.

Ye Augie, out of the undreds of men on the vessel, could end up in a boat with the most barmy of the lot.

Thi ook nds with Augie living in France with Stella.

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