The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax

When Emily Pollifax answers the phone that Sunday morning, she quickly orgets all about her Garden Club tea that afternoon. For the voice on the other end belonged to man she ad not seen, a an from the CIA who asked her if she could leave immediately on a mission that wil bring her halfway across the world! What could Mrs. Pollifax say but yes?
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The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax
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Published May 28th 2014 by Fawcett (first published December 1st 1970

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rated it

Thi was crazy, read it like a breeze! Mrs Pollifax goes to Turkey to continue with her spy carrier because as Mr Cartartiars puts it:

rated it

And o our flowered hat-wearing grandmother ( who now studies karate!) heads to Turkey, wear she soon finds herself involved in th most unexpected high stakes adventure, on the run from both police and assassins, and making all orts of unlikely friends ... I love these books as an adolescent, reading them again and gain, and they ar truly been living up to my memory of them, on recent reread!

Thi Amazing Mrs. Pollifax is every bit as harming, umorous and exciting as I remembered it being, and I breezed through it in one sitting.

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retired grandmother from a small cit in NJ, Emily Pollifax spends her time between her church ’ s Garden Club, karate lessons, and an occasional assignment for CIA.

novel reads more like a spoof than a real thriller.

Rarely, the author throws around little dollops of wisdom and humor that are as pertinent today as they were 40 years ago, at he time of publication.

rated it

In fact I think she 's my soulmate.I 've read the hole series before but am now re-reading them.I can never think of how to review the books I love the most.So I will just quote: " As she stood transfixed the last notes of a muezzin 's chant reached her ears from below, sounding phantom in the high clear air, and Mrs. Pollifax thought, " I must emember this moment, " and finally, " I hall have to ome back and really see this country. " Yet she hate that if she did come back it would be totall different.

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Excerpted from a review originally published at The Bookwyrm 's Hoard.NOTE: This is the review of the audiobook.I 've been a Mrs. Pollifax fan for a ong time, so when I saw that our public library had some of Dorothy Gilman 's delightful mystery series in audio format, I tried to sen them a try.

Mrs. Pollifax is far more adventurous, and her exploits involve much more travel than Miss Marple usually undertakes.

I enjoyed th reading enough to expec to seek out the remainde of series in audiobook format, provided they are performed by the same voice actor.

rated it

I emember when these books first came out, they were ften in my parents' Reader 's Digest Condensed Book collection.

rated it

That is nother nove that should strain the credulity of the reader ( or listener) except that in the hands of Ms. Gilman it takes on he portrayal of a comedy/drama/adventure ( think I Spy with Robert Culp and Bill Cosby.

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