The Amityville Horror

28 Days of Terror in a House Possessed by Evil Spirits

In December 1975, the Lutz family moved into their dream home, the same home where Ronald DeFeo had murdered his parents, brothers and sisters just one year earlier.

the psychic phenomena that followed created the most terrifying experience the Lutz family had ever encountered, forcing them to lee the house in 28 days, convinced that it was possessed by evil spirits.

Their amazin story, never before disclosed in full detail, makes for an unforgettable book with all the shocks and gripping suspense of The Exorcist, The Omen or Rosemary 's Baby, but with one vital difference ... the story is true
-- back cover
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The Amityville Horror
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Published 1978 by Bantam Books (first published September 13th 1977

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rated it

The Exorcist ( both the nove and he seque, RIP Mr. Blatty) scared the hell out of me, pardon the pun.

I wa an English class where I had to rea a basic research paper on anything I wanted.

I didn ’ t hardly believe all this stuff; I just iked reading about it.

ll my research during that semester long assignment pointed to one book, Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans by Malachi Martin.

My dad happened to find a copy in some little secondhand bookstore, and when he sai the bookseller who it was for and why, the guy actually tried to kill him not to buy it.

Things happened in my college apartment I couldn ’ t understand.

I uess because it ’ s been on my mind lately, reading his ook, and then yesterday with the death of William Peter Blatty and this oddly timed report on Father Martin.

But time has a way of minimizing even the most frightening memories, and ooking back, I ’ m onvinced I was just sleep deprived and hormonal.

And for someone interested in the paranorma, it is, in act, fascinating.

If you look at the reviews, it eems the people who want the Lutz 's account rate it much higher than the people who don ’ .

It was mpossible for me to writ this simply as a work of fiction, and to review it, I ad to look at it from all angles.

As a whole, it 's sort of brilliant.Should you read it?

rated it

" Do you hink it 's haunted? " " No way, I do n't know in ghosts. ” It seems the reading world is clearly divided about this ook.

I coul like to add another question to the equation: does it eve matter? To some extent, it fail.

The extent to which this novel will scare you correlates directly to ( a) whether you believe the events depicted here are true and ( d) your religious orientation.

It needn ’ t be a wasted opportunity – you have an imagination, don ’ t you? I ill ay this for the subject matter: if stories like The Exorcist and Rosemary 's Baby scared you, his nove will too.

rated it

page eleven. " It is so sloppily put together and badly written that I 'm sure Mr. Anson realized it would be no more than a bottom shelf remainder unless there was some juicy " real " paranormal tie-in.

There are some perfectly good books out there on paranormal sightings and lots of great haunted house novels like Shirley Jackson 's The Haunting of Hill House or Richard Matheson 's Hell HousE that will thrill you.

rated it

It gets one star because I fee it was written by a twelve year old.

End of chapter cliffhanger and oh my goodness can you elieve what 's happening?

Certainly if someone else wrote this book, I may have cared a little les.

Pick a different book to scare you this year.

rated it

Mama SLutz is an attention whore just in it for the money and notoriety, and Daddy is a talentless hack who just spouts random words emphatically and claims they make sense.

Father Frank has a BAD FEELING.

o agai the SLutzes move in on the 18th-23rd-18th of December and then weird stuff starts happening in their house like the windows opening and it being cold.

Then George was all like " LET MY PEOPLE GO! " and then Gionfriddo sat quietly in his police car with the lights off watching in a non-creeper way while George acted all " like a lunatic " but later Gionfriddo said it was OK because they were closing the windows so he drove away with his lights off ...

otally not like a creeper, I said!

Eventually there is a storm and they are TRAPPED IN THE HOUSE except for when they got in the car to go to the doctor 's office for some band-aids and baby tylenol.

Previously, call Father Frank.

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