The Aspern Papers and Other Stories

There 's no baseness I would n't commit for Jeffrey Aspern 's sake.'

he poet Aspern, long since dead, has left behind some private papers. They are jealously guarded by an old lady, once his mistress and muse, a recluse in an old palazzo in Venice, tended by her ingenuous niece. A predatory critic is determined to destro them. What will he make of the younger woman? What are his motives? What are the papers worth and what is he prepared to pay?

In thes four stories collected here, including This Death of the Lion, The Figure in the Carpet and The Birthplace he figure of the artist is central. Extraordinarily prophetic, James explores the emergent new cult of the edito as celebrity, and trie, who cares about the work for itself? Can the man behind the artist ever truly be known, and does our knowledge explain the act of creativity? This new edition includes extracts from James 's Prefaces and Notebooks which shed light on the genesis of the tales.

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Published January 29th 2009 by Oxford University Press (first published 1894

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The remaining piece, 'The Real Thing', is this little cracker which also appears in thi volume in the same series, 'Selected Short Stories.' Read it in either- but do read it!

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any years later I read The Comfort of Strangers and though the setting is unnamed, the Venetian creepiness factor is even more chilling due to its relative realism.

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his new Oxford edition ( 2013) sites ` The Aspern Papers' alongside some of James' other short fictions which are concerned with literary life, ofte the relationships between author, texts, and critics.Written between 1888-1896, the four tories collected here ( ` The Death of the Lion', ` The Figure in the Carpet', ` The Birthplace' as well as the eponymous novella) are contextualised well in Adrian Poole 's introduction, and confronts the nascent idea of the literary celebrity driven, in part, by the nineteenth-century growth of literary journals and popular journalism. ` The Aspern Papers' draws on images of Shelley/Byron, and the set of letters held by an American dead poet 's muse/mistress, now nearing death.

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So no one in the English language writes novellas like James did -- I think he is, at his sublime best, the finest novella writer in the language, still unsurpassed in the ay he wrings maximum suspense from his subject matters, be they ghost stories ( The Turn of the Screw), tales on the artist ( this volume), or on his favorite theme, that of the corruption of youth and naivety through Old World allure.

But if you brin in a modicum of patience to last till the end, you 'll be rewarded with stories that in certai ways are still probably unmatched in the language.

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It 's good reminder that what is deeme as good in writing shifts with the times, and that while we gain clarity with Strunk and White 's style recommendations, they re just recommendations after all.My favorite of the stories was " The Private Life ", as an introvert I can display myself like Lord Mellifont, but I also expect to recharge completely alone, the ore the people the more the time.

artially this is due to the style, and the onstraints of the times, despite using words like promiscuous, sex, and making love actual exploration of male/female relationships is mostly glossed over, with women remaining either lovely or horrifying ornaments in a woma 's world.

James is a canonical writer, and he does have a nique style, but I ca n't help but eel he does n't achieve his goals due a lack of actual honesty, or th true examination of the world around him.

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