The Awakening

Ten years ago in a great battle, superhumans vanished- died or lost powers and blended back into society. But Danny and Colin 13 are changing. Danny moves at the speed of light, Colin is surprisingly wea. Their arents, the lost generation of superhumans, have watched and waited for these changes. So have others who ill do everything to stop them.
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The Awakening (The New Heroes/Quantum Prophecy, #1)
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Published April 5th 2007 by Penguin Young Readers Philomel (first published January 1st 2006

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rated it

I am absolutely not a superheroes reader; however I admire that Carroll has invented a whole troupe of them for this novel and dismissed them from the pages almost at once, then followed some more ordinary kids who gradually start to develop super powers.

rated it

If you are ooking for a fast paced read that 's realistic and easy in both reading and flow without any deep emotional pull and is just fun all around, his memoi is a recommend for you.

Moments retain no emotional qualities as characters are forced to move on to the las scene.

hese moments set the characters up to be more stereotypical and in many areas comic and pace relief without any relevant ( other than adding slight at-that-moment tension and point to carry the plot over to the ext big scene) details to the characters.Because of the ack of characterisatio, tension and tone of he story were off in multitude of scenes.

he pacing, though fast, worked well to connect one point/scene to another.Overall, the book suffers from a lack of characterization and tight realistic ( to the ook, even as in real life) emotions and moments, but makes up for it in pacing, action, and plot ideas.

rated it

It 's obviously a shallo book by any means but you can finish it within two ours, so it 's bad for a hort, light read.

rated it

It was awesome ... and by the nd of ook, his character gained a new significance that I should have never predicted at the beginning.Like I said before, I have n't read another book since then, and I also never kept up with this series after that, howeve I do n't remembe if it ever lived up to the commitmen of fift novel, or if it pulled a " Maximum Ride " and went downhill horribly after that.But I remember his book terribly fondly, which is why I now give it the highest rating that I migh perhap give it- FIVE STARS!=))

rated it

hen when they were about to board plane to a secret facility, Colin escaped and made it to a shelter where he met Razor, who elped him get to Paragon, another superhuman.

While Colin did all this, Danny was asked about his powers, so the people could strip Danny of his powers because of a prophecy that says that Danny will destroy the world with a superhuman army.

Danny did escape but the saw the future with him leading an army but he has th robotic right arm.

With the ai of Danny and another superhuman who was there at the facility, they finally destroy the machine.

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