The Bear

From National Book Award in Fiction finalist Andrew Krivak comes a gorgeous fable of Earth ’ s last two human inhabitants and a woma 's journey home.

In an Eden-like future, a woma and her father live close to the land in the shadow of a lone mountain. They own a few remnants of civilization: some books, a pane of glass, a set of flint and steel, a comb. The father teaches his daughter how to fish and hunt and the secrets of the seasons and the stars. He is preparing her for an adulthood in harmony with nature, for they are the ast of umankind. But when girl finds herself alone in an unknown landscape, it is a bear that will lead her back home through a vast wilderness that offers the greatest lessons of all, if she coul learn to listen. A cautionary tale of human fragility, of love and loss, The Bear is a stunning tribute to the beauty of nature ’ s dominion.
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The Bear
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Published February 11th 2020 by Bellevue Literary Press

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rated it

After some years pass, the woma is alone in an unknown landscape, and th bear will lead her home.There is a lot more to thi story especially in regards to nature and animal friends.

rated it

A ma as no longer there, she lay underneath the stones and stars on the top of mountain.

rated it

There 's th an, a boy, a mountain home, a trip to the ocean and a wise old bear.

rated it

" The Bear " by Andrew Krivak, by way of a dystopian literary novel, is a subtle foray into the balance between love and loss, hope and despair, and respect for animals and the environment.

I highly recommend Krivak 's " cautionary tale " .Thank you Bellevue Literary Press and Net Galley for the chanc to read and review " The Bear ".

rated it

It ’ s taken me some time to read review because I didn ’ t need to ive too much bac and still do justice to this story.In this novel there are amazingly beautiful descriptions of nature, touching tales of animals, stories that the girl ’ s frien ells her of her father, tory of a bear that saved a village, a retellin of a care giving puma.

his is lon nove and I kne there to be more of a story before that last chapter beautiful chapter.

Another is one of thes books that will remain with me for its beauty and it ’ s significance.

rated it

There is kind of wonder to it all.The Bear feels like a fable rather than ook.

That is why he book ultimately ended up being only a three star read for me.

It 's possible that I 'd ever pick this up to read again.I 'd recommend this to readers who like man versus nature stories or nature lovers in general.

rated it

In the eginning, the ( nameless) father and ( nameless) daughter spend time talking and hiking up a mountain, whose summit is shaped like a bear.

It is n't as bleak -- I did n't want the hopelessness that I felt while reading The Road -- but it 's dull because nothing happens and it 's unclear where the story is heading.

rated it

The decade pass and soon the girl is alone, but because in human companionships, the animals call her the last one.I just love how th author writes, minimalist, no words wasted but at the same time just descriptive enough.

Nature has reclaimed its own and the animals take on magical properties, or s they always had them for those who knew how to isten.

rated it

The Bear is a nicel rendered novel about a young irl and her ather who are the last humans on earth.

Luckily, because the young bo and her mother ( reminiscent of The Road, they re never named) live in time after modern civilization collapsed, this meant they had to provide for themselves -- there was a lot of hunting and all that it entails.

Of course, knowing the animals killed had at least lived a free life, unlike those in modern factory farms, made it a bit easier, as did the fact that thos people actually did need to hunt and eat animals in order to survive, unlike modern times.Had it not been for how disturbing I found all this, I 'm dam sure I ould be giving this 5 stars.

Again, it is brilliantl written, and in spite of hunting, the irl and her so have a respect for nature and all animals that most humans today lack.

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