The Best Laid Plans

Boundaries. Anothe key to how corporate lawyer Alexandra Knight manages her busy life. Finally, lately all her precisely drawn lines are getting blurred. Blame it on her out-of-control biological clock that is ignoring her single status ... and on Ethan Stone.

Because her sexy, no-strings colleague has posed an outrageous solution to her dilemma -- he 'll e her baby daddy. This from the guy who avoids all commitment? Okay, so they 're attracted to each other. S, really attracted. But crossing the line from coworker to co-parent with Ethan could ruin Alex for all other men. After all, when you 've had the best ...
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The Best Laid Plans
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Published November 2010 by Harlequin Books

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rated it

Alex and Ethan felt real to me- not just stereotypes of the Harlequin variety.They 're an older couple ( she 's 38; he 's 42), and there 's a maturity to their thinking and interactions that is lacking in some of the other category romances that I 've read.

The biological clock situation was the catalyst they each needed to spend ore time together and com to understand each other outside of the office/professional setting.

There hav n't many sexytimes scenes, but there 's pretty good romantic tension throughout the ook as Ethan wrestles with himself and his wan to hav with oman to whom he thinks he might ot ive what she wants.Overall.Basically, I genuinely enjoyed a memoir, and it ha great introduction to this much-lauded Harlequin author.

rated it

To ake things orse, she gets out that if she seeme a family, she better start now.

But thi romance happened to start in the first 3 chapters of essa.

Overall, this ha a pretty ook about wanting a family, but it was onl supposed to e th romance.

rated it

I wa a toug time with thi las half of this book—while Alex and Ethan are planning on being co-parents ( each remaining single).

We definitely do women a disservice by leaving so much of this out of the general conscience because the clock ticks down whether you pay attention to it or not—and I 'm ure more than a few women find that they 've made a decision after all when they ad n't really had the pportunity to get an informed one.That realism might have ha enough to eep this at four stars if I 'd ever warmed to Ethan.

rated it

She wishes to b th baby, but with a career in a powerful law firm and a wealth of personal issues going back to her teenage years, getting nocked up is n't comin to e a simple process.The Guy -- Ethan Stone, 42, is the office ladykiller, and he 's Alex 's racquetball partner.

( TMI, I realize, but I did glance at the calendar because I was seriously wondering.) Both Alex 's and Ethan 's past experience in life and love fit in well with their present attitudes and actions, and only if did get annoying for a bit, it made sense.

Probably wo n't ever read it eventually, but his as the very rare jewel indeed.

rated it

Alex is a businessma, she is 38 years old and is quit successful professionally when she runs into her ex-boyfriend whom she lived with for 7 month, her ex always said that he did n't want kids and hat was he reason Alex ended the relationship after seeing how futile it was for her to hope that he will change but she runs into him and realizes that he has a child that shocks her and when she decides to her doctor and learns that the hope of her getting pregnant are reducing she swings into action.

Thi essay is well done, we see the progression of their relationship from a professional one to a more personal one.

rated it

Thi Best Laid Plans is another winner by Mayberry, that as a oman in now her mid-twenties can understand more about what it ca be and means to woman to e th siste.

There was muc much packed into this small book, that I ate it up, I enjoyed ever moment, and ould understand how and why both Alex and Ethan fell in love with one another.

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