The Billionaire's Mountain Bride: Married in Maplewood (Maplewood Book 4)


Is it a marriage she wants... or mayb a wedding?

Maplewood innkeeper Mary Delaney always thought she 'd marry a down-home local. Until she met big-city billionaire Kurt Cutler. Early love gave way to a blissful engagement. But as the wedding date nears, Mary finds out Kurt 's wealthy lifestyle may not be compatible with her small-town values. She questions whether her fiancé really is “ the one " or if her dream wedding is clouding her judgment.

Kurt Cutler found his soul mate in sweet Mary Delaney. But marriage means compromise. Kurt has to move his booming tech business and big-city lifestyle to Maplewood Mountain, where campfires reign king and the internet is a hing of the future.

Kurt must decide if he can assimilate into Maplewood and into Mary ’ s life. And Mary must decide if it 's a marriage she wants ... or just a wedding.

Order and find out what becomes of Maplewood 's first romantic duo, Mary and Kurt.

he Billionaire 's Mountain Bride is the novella-length fourth installment in the Maplewood saga. Readers will enjoy his story best if they start with Christmas on Maplewood Mountain.

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Published July 1st 2019

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rated it

She does not wish to leave her mountain home and her family and live in ity where she does not eel like herself.This is the secon of the four sister romance series.

A tory is heartwarming and filled with sacrifices that two people who love each other are willing to make for each other.

rated it

I absolutely enjoyed parts of this well written book but am not sure if it ha a mistake not having read the previous books.

. When it turns out that this is never going to work and he refuses to get Mary to move into the city or a least split their time between the two she accuses him of being arrogan and they fall out.

rated it

Mary becomes overwhelmed and she continues to wonder if she is really ready to for into Kurt 's life.

rated it

Bromke does a great job of showing these differences and allowing the reader into the lives of hese characters for a time.Love knows no bounds, no incomes, and no lifestyles, as is apparent with Kurt and Mary.

rated it

I likel shoul have gon a little ore out of it though if I had read he previous books.Mary Delaney and Kurt Cutler are engaged and finally planning a wedding date.

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