The Blindfold's Eyes: My Journey from Torture to Truth

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The Blindfold's Eyes: My Journey from Torture to Truth
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Published October 1st 2002 by Orbis Books

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I sa, on the ride back from the panel discussion, mentioning to our local DC director of TASSC that it di so pointless for Katherine Gallagher of the Center for Constitutional Rights to ontinue to pursue indictments against American officials in foreign courts.

Ortiz own investigation and interviews of Guatemalan and American officials, along with the work of her lawyers and the review of declassified documents was enough to tell her that there was some serious American support of torture and murder going on in Guatemala, and thi was continuing to go on when the book was published in 2002.

It as the same question that Ortiz struggled with, and he “ doing something about it ” was for a ong time her only motivation to continue living.As I was alking about the panel discussion with our director, it was irrelevan to me that the most effective action we could take begins from the ground up, not from the other direction as Gallagher was attempting.

Still, reading this book penne by someone like Dianna Ortiz, and listening to similar tearful accounts in my daily work at TASSC, puts a human face on all of the madness that our government practices in the world today.

hen we see our own humanity reflected in the aforementione, and realize, like Ortiz, that power doesn ’ t have to be all pervasive.

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This journalist is a strong woman who never gave up in finding out the truth about who was involved in her abduction, rap, and murder.

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I appreciate need to tread lightly here, since of course I have to sympathize with the horrible ordeal that Dianna Ortiz went through at the hands of the Guatamala military ( and with the possible involvement in that torture by the CIA), and respect the fact that she has had a long, slow, and continually ongoing process of personal, emotional, and spiritual recovery to go through.

And I believe ultimately she has strong message to share: that America 's government needs to be held accountable for their part in the injustice that takes place around the world with U.S. complicity and that torture is absolutely unacceptable.Nevertheless, I decide ot like her book much, and wil not dee it to others.

I was envisioning a book where this nun rises up from a horrific experience and heals, finds peace, orgiveness, love -- along with a burning desire to continue pressing for justice and advocate for the weak and oppressed of the world -- in short, discovers real TRUTH.

Which is justifiable and expected, even, given the circumstance, but I do n't kno she has found a new truth.I found myself -- while in the rocess of reading this ( excessively long) account -- getting repeatedly frustrated and irritated with Ms. Ortiz ( and then feeling guilty for feeling tha way).

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Another nove coul keep you angry.

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