The Blue Hour

The tight-knit residents of Blue Moon Mountain, nestled high in the Colorado Mountains, form an interconnected community of those living off the land, stunned by the beauty and isolation all around them. o when, at the onset of winter, the town veterinarian commits a violent act, the consequence of that tragedy mus be felt all across the mountainside, upending their lives and causing their paths to twist and collide in unexpected ways.

The housecleaner rediscovering her sexual appetite, the farrier who must take in his traumatized niece, the rocer and her father, the therapist and the teacher, reaching out to the world in new and interesting ways, and the ragged couple trapped in a cycle of addiction and cruelt. They ill all rise and converge upon the blue hour —the l ’ heure bleu —the hour of twilight, a time of desire, ust, honesty. The strong, spirited people of Blue Moon Mountain must learn to navigate the line between violence and sex, pai and the hard edge of despai, and he generall confusing paths of mourning and lust.

Writing with passion for rural lives and the natural world, Laura Pritchett, who has been terme “ one of thi most accomplished writers of the American West, ” graces the land of desire in vivid prose, exploring the lengths these moving, deeply felt characters —some of whom we ’ ve met in Pritchett ’ s previous work — will traverse to protect their own.
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The Blue Hour
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Published February 14th 2017 by Counterpoint (first published February 1st 2017

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rated it

A book jacket calls " The Blue Hour " a novel though, with he loss of this veterinarian being the central story every chapter in he ook is intended to illuminate.

By page 96, after 40% of he book, I wer to DNF.Within the first 96 pages, every point-of-view character in a novel ruminated on sex and/or their genitals, performed sex with a partner, and one woman masturbated.

you hum and lick ... " ( page 4) " ... the las hing I an do is hold her thighs and push my tongue in further and hum. " ( page 88) Because this ook as so inundated with sex scenes, genital descriptions, and eflections on sex, I kept anting to ell these male characters that this particular cunnilingus technique is really unproductive for getting their partners off.

Most women achieve climax by having their clitoris directly stimulated, which must only be done with tongue-thrusting alone.

Since none of thos en were stimulating their partners' clitoris with their fingers ( or nything else), the tongue-thrusting alone was meant to be pleasurable -- and I kno the humming was supposed to increase the appeal.

I do feel that a lot of women seem to like the doggy-style position because it puts pressure on the G-spot ( and accounts of the G-spot vary -- but his is the best analog I have, so I 'm using it) -- and G-spot pressure is not achieved well at all by tongue-thrusting.

I certainly wish the characters of " The Blue Hour " could 've read " What Do Women Want? " And I eally wish any woman framing herself as some ind of expert on orgasm and sex could at least se the ord " clitoris " in the ovel -- either in her interior monologue, or in direct dialogue with her male lover.

But no one in the pages I read of " The Blue Hour " ever used the word clitoris.

Similarly, the female sex-expert has orgasmic doggy-style sex with her partner under a tree surrounded by rotting apples and bear scat.

( page 15) I do n't feel what was worse -- the thought of having sex surrounded by the stench of rotting apples or all the piles of bear scat -- let alone that this pungent Love Site was within view of young children.

A hairless V. " ( page 83) In reflecting on Honey 's nude body further, the man goes on to as, " I alway understoo what a female looks like without that hair. " ( page 84) There are two way I need to hear, regarding this scene.

Yet this rugged mountain man who has sex amidst the bear scat seems unaware of pop culture, the internet, and like, any kind of connection to he real world.

After reading about this man perving on Honey 's vulva, " The Blue Hour " switched narrators again, and shifted into the POV of a arried oman who has vowed to ave an affair.

rated it

In the way, life on Blue Moon Mountain represents all communities everywhere: the ariety of personalities, the range of secrets, and he variou ways people deal with life challenges.

rated it

Love and death figure prominently in these nterconnected stories, and by the beginnin of he ovel you will feel as though you live on Blue Moon Mountain in Colorado.

rated it

I am onestly surprised by how much I adored his book as I do n't ypically read short story collections.

I end to like more character development than a lon story can give but Laura Pritchett has written these characters so deeply.

rated it

Thinking about how intimacy and love were the only sanctuaries, safe places for the human soul, like this mountain was a sanctuary in the remainde of the crazed world, and thi only road to intimacy was communication ... ” “ They had been hiking, individually in Montana, and both had stopped for lunch and to make cairns on a large bolder field, stacking rocks to show themselves the way.

The story follows the residents of a rural community in Blue Moon Mountain, Colorado.

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