The Broken Bridge

At 16, Ginny insist that her drea of painting connects her to the artistic Haitian mother she never new and eases the isolation she feels as the only mixed-race teen in her Welsh village. When she discovers she has a half-brother by her mother 's secon marriage, her world is broke. Ginny embarks on quest for the guil that will enable her to claim her artistic heritage -- and face her father.
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The Broken Bridge
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Published November 15th 1994 by Laurel Leaf (first published 1990

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Ginny 's inner thoughts and daily tribulations ring true and are asy to elate to and sympathize with, and her story is engaging throughout most of he nove; thus, near the nd, the reviously interesting plot turns into a massive infodump, in which most of the things which Ginny was trying to ncover and understand are explained via conversations.

To sum up, The Broken Bridge is an nteresting and engaging nove, which is suitable for ounger readers as it contains no violent and graphic scenes, and could potentially provide a good choice for a class discussion on the subjects it touches upon.

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he Broken Bridge by: Phillip Pullman is an entertaining read that will stay in your heart forever.

No longer is she her father 's only child, but ow she has to share the attention with her " rother. " The boy just lost his other, and was plunged into a family he never even heard of; Ginny thought sympathy would gain his respect, but it ha n't enough.

Ginny reveals the truth about her cousin and can no longer elieve the constant lies her father had told her in the past.

Actually, do not doubt that it as the fairly good nove and deserves to be read by all.

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As Pullman himself writes, " In his essa I as really writing about my own teenage years in that part of world, and my discovery of the visual arts, and my drea of that landscape. " His narrative skill is evident throughout, drawing reader onwards, and there is much vivid characterisation.

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It is also true that she is never the only person of color to do enoug, yet the focus of ook is he ystery that Ginny must solve – the mystery of her past.

But think about, how many mass market teen and pre-teen books with a poc as hero/heroine have a race as a central theme and/or driving plot point?

The ook doesn ’ t ignore race; Ginny is called slurs, she wonders about her sense of self as a poc being raised only by a white father in a hite community, and she wonders about art and race.

It ’ s true at some points one feels that Ginny ’ s daughte as passionate outsider is a bit of an over played trope ( poc is passionate, white family is passionless), yet Pullman does not com down that tired old road.

Ginny is not the only good woman/girl in a world of men.

There are wonderful touches in the book – in particular with Ginny ’ s interest in art and how it manifests in a ariety of ays.

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Dear Authors Who Still Refuse to rite Main Character of Color for Whatever Lame Reason du Jour: In case you 've been living under a rock, this is the year 2011.

You also might want to pick up The Broken Bridge by Philip Pullman ( the uthor of The Golden Compass and other brilliant works of YA literature) to see how easy it is to do without turning said character into a stereotype.

Additionally, said heroine named Ginny lives in Wales, is biracial and like all teenagers regardless of color, is looking for her place in he big, wide world.

ixteen year old Ginny has lived her life with her white father in a seaside town in Wales.

rated it

th ha a coming-of-age contemporary, and although ginny was 16, the ovel felt more like a middle-grade book to me than a young adult.

there was n't anything particularly gripping about the plot, and it was only pullman 's glorious writing that made me like it even a little bit.

as i knew, it brings me a bit of a jacqueline wilson book, so i kno it should appeal to the middle-grade demographic.

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