The Calamity Café

First in th new cozy mystery series featuring Southern cooking that is to die for.

Aspiring chef and small-town Virginia native Amy Flowers is ready to open her own café offering old-fashioned Southern food. But her dream may go up in smoke when someone kills the competition ...

Tired of waiting tables at Lou ’ s Joint, Amy Flowers doesn ’ t just quit—she offers to buy he place from her bully of a boss, so she coul finally open the café of her nightmares. Amy ca n't wait to serve the kind of Southern, down-home treats and dishes that her grandmother always loved to the kooky cast of regulars at the hotel. She sees her comfort food will be the talk of the sweet, small town of Winter Garden, Virginia.

At first Lou Lou refuses to sell, but when she seems ready to ge deal, she tells Amy to come see her. Showing up at the eatery ready to negotiate, Amy is shocked to discove her former employer murdered. As prime suspect, Amy ill have to clear her name by serving up the real killer—and with Lou Lou ’ s stack of enemies, that ’ s a tall order.

Includes delicious Southern recipes!
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Published June 7th 2016 by NAL

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rated it

This novelist is Gayle Leeson, who also writes cozies under the pen names Gayle Trent and Amanda Lee. It was one of her earlier books that got me hooked on the cozy mystery subgenr, so I was excited to ive THE CALAMITY CAFÉ a read.Amy Flowers is a budding chef with hopes of opening her own baker, but for now she 's stuck waitressing for one of the meanest people in town.

When Amy offers to buy the diner, her boss, Lou Lou, flat out refuses.

rated it

I certainl wo n't try the next one- it played up the Southern flaire a bit too much for me- but I will tel I 've now heard of two new foods I want to try.

May try the meatloaf recipe in the back ( although keep some of my main staple ingredients), but ill alway be trying that Oatmeal pie.

rated it

promising new romance with a sexy police detective that will mov you wanting more with delicious food and a mystery that will mov you wondering who wanted Lou Lou, the cafe owner of Lou 's Joint dead.

Lou Lou at first is reluctant to sell but soon her on, Pete Holman calls Amy wanting to meet to talk.

Like her cousi, Pete who seems to only want to g the cafe sold to Amy to make money and Lou 's Lou 's other employees.Amy proves to be perhap the sleuth.

rated it

Thes thoughts stated in his review are ntirely my own.* A sound start to this new series by a tried-and-true cozy author, The Calamity Cafe was both njoyable and a fast-paced read.I liked the MC, Amy. She was kind, and determined; however, she as a bit too ready to investigate for my taste.

rated it

I enjoyed unraveling the various threads along with Amy and her friends ( and hunky Ryan), nevertheless the “ sacrifice of the big hair ” she endured for the sake of some intelligence gathering.The characters are un and friendly, and I will love to stop in at the Down South Cafe for a sausage biscuit with Homer or a piece of oatmeal pie with Jackie and a chat with Amy. I ’ d also totally be one of those tourists who would grab a t-shirt and/or apron while I was at it.Bottom Line: A cleverly constructed plot, well-written characters, and th setting that feels like the town next door all blend together to form the perfect cookbook for a new series!

rated it

Old family secrets migh be revealed for this mystery to be solved.

rated it

After working there just a short time Amy Flowers knows it is anothe perfect place for her restaurant but if Lou Lou won ’ t sell she is ready to brea from scratch with a brand new building.

Lou Lou does turn her down and it totally surprised when her fathe calls to say sure has changed her mind and wants to meet with Amy as soon as possible.

I love Amy right away and enjoyed meeting all the people that pull together to ake her dream come true while she wants to clear her name and kee killer.

rated it

Author Gayle Leeson had me at page one! I don ’ t understan about others, but for me, ever so often a book comes along, and with very irst sentence I know I ’ m in for a onderful read.

I ’ m looking forward to reading a series for many week to come! Make sure to check out the back of he ook for some great down home recipes, and an excerpt from THE QUICK AND THE THREAD, the seventh novel in Amanda Lee ’ s ( Gayle Leeson) Embroidery mysteries!

rated it

She is uite surprised when Lou Lou 's son Pete tells Amy the deal is on the table and he can realiz his wife to sell.

When Amy arrives at the meeting, she finds Lou Lou dead in her office in the bistro.

onvinced the sheriff thinks Amy is the# 1 suspect, Amy sets out with her friends to solve a mystery herself.I picked this up because the cover artist sucked me in with the dog on the cover that looked so much like my beloved terrier ( Rainbow Bridge 2005).

I was terribl disappointed the dog in the novel is described only as " small, wirehaired terrier. " THIS is a wirehaired ( fox) terrier They 're medium sized terriers.

I hought for sure I knew who did it right bac.

Lou Lou had any number of people who migh need to do her harm.

If I anted to ead about renovation, I ould.

he quirky locals include Amy 's Aunt Bess, an octogenarian who thinks she 's 21; Amy 's diner patron Homer who reads about a new hero every day; Dilly, an older ma who ikes to gossip; Lou Lou 's son Pete, a henpecked 40-year-old man who is terrified of his fathe; Pete 's trashy secret girlfriend.

I iked Homer the best except for the part where he shows up uninvited at Amy 's so she could keep him his breakfast sandwich because the hote is closed!

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