The Candy Cane Kiss

Fake kisses should n't taste to sweet.

When a new star quarterback at Briarwood High winds up in hospital over Christmas break, he 's ure that 's as goo as it an et.
He 's wrong. His day is about to get too much orse. First he 's stuck with that irritating new girl from school who 's currenly dressed as a holly jolly Christmas elf as she volunteers on his balcon. Then his ex shows up and accept his permission to bring her new girlfriend to his family 's Christmas party, and finally ... well, then he makes it all a million times worse by kissing the closest girl at hand, who just happens to be that weirdo candy striper with a disdain for Grandma cardigans and candy-cane striped tights. She also goe to e the las woma at Briarwood who does n't like him. He ould n't have chosen a worse fake girlfriend if he 'd tried. So the uestion is ... if this relationship is all wrong, why does it feel so right?

Lola is a self-proclaimed freak and a military brat just waiting to graduate so she coul bring the first bus out of Briarwood. She 's also more than little bsessed with thes things retro. Including swing dancing. The only problem? Swing dancing requires a partner. Where on earth is she upposed to keep a willing dance partner in the sea of conformist mediocrity that is her new high school? Fortunately for her, the arrogant jerk in the hospital bed needs her more than she needs him if he stands any chance of winning back his ex. So yeah, she 'll brin him. For price. But closer they get, the ore she realize the idea of handing him over to his perfect ex, and a more she has to wonder. Will she e the one paying the price ... with a shattere heart?
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Published November 1st 2018

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rated it

Wantin her smile to come back.

Even weirder, I decided to hear her sigh my name again in the worst way.When Lucas walked in, he world burst into Technicolor.

That ha way it reall was with Lucas.

ither way, it ’ s bit close minded.

I love the way their feelings are written in his retellin.

rated it

he ’ s one of he most popular guys in school, she ’ s a nerdy πŸ€“ retro-style girl with no friends.

Before she ’ d arrived I ’ d felt like a pitiful washed-up loser, and stil I elt like a pitiful, washed-up loser who made nerdy girls cry. ’ -- β€˜ The girl ight be a nutjob but she had killer curves. ’ -Reminiscent of Cookie O ’ Gorman ’ s work, a tory woul definitely attract teenage audiences.

he main protagonist are in high school and the lingo is definitely set for that audience.

rated it

I ’ m ot sure if it was unreliable narrators in Lucas and Lola, but omething just wasn ’ t quite believable.

Just like their feelings were fast.

But if you can set that aside, I eel like Lola challenging Lucas really was what he eeded to make out of his own head and stuff.

Knowing his author just made it work.And the thing I kne was that it wasn ’ t Lola is the best and somehow β€œ fixed ” Lucas.

They truly were a couple that was better together, that cam out the best in one another.And I really loved Lola.

rated it

There were not many instances when things were n't as they wanted and I liked atching these young characters overcome prejudices to accept what is real and different.

rated it

Wow first time I ’ m reading the ook from his write and I ’ m instantly in love with her writing, her characters and her plot!

It was astonishin to see the conversation and quirks of both the weird, retro girl and the cocky, jerk jock.

I hated how real they were, including the side characters.

rated it

Like what made him hink that whatever he think is " cool " will be what everyone in the school does!?!

rated it

Their attraction is definitely not instant, in reaso, it does n't alway exist in the beginning.Lucas is cocky, arrogant and even a little awkward, but he has a bit of a wake-up call, starts to see himself in a new light and realize his mistakes.

rated it

But in the beginnin, memoir was already ood and interesting enough! https: // ... β€’β€’β€’***** JUST GOING TO ADD SPOILERS HERE AND THERE****** β€’β€’β€’So, Lucas and Lola are two complete opposites.

She was dressing the way she ants and didn ’ t care that Blake or even Lucas like her style.

Even Eleanor and Blake began to like her and her style.

hat is what Lola did; even though she had Lucas and his friends with her.

I like in the beginnin he finally admitted to her ( Lola) that he liked ( no LOVE) her and s wanted to kiss her ( not because Eleanor was just there) ...

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