The Cellar

Nobod ever happens in the villag of Long Thorpe – that is, until sixteen-year-old Summer Robinson disappears without a trace. No family or police investigation can track her down. Spending months inside the cellar of her kidnapper with several other girls, Summer learns of Colin ’ s abusive past, and his houghts of his victims being his family…his perfect, pure flowers. But flowers can ’ t survive long cut off from the sun, and time is running out….
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Published March 1st 2014 by Sourcebooks Fire (first published January 1st 2014

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rated it

Rather, this ha a subpar books filled with so many way to be believed.First, there was no valid reason offered by the author ( via her characters) as to why the girls- two, or three, or all four could not team up to overpower Colin ( Clover) and rescue themselves.

he kidnapped girls, including Summer were just too ridiculous to live.Thus, bad character development is one of my harshest criticisms about ook, because in my view, they did n't do enough to help themselves- and his includes Summer.

As orrible as the trauma the girls underwent, none of them were especially sympathetic because they were so pathetic.Another major criticism I have of his ovel is that it supposedly takes place in th mall tow ( not city or even town, mind you) in England.

Yet, towards the beginnin of he trilogy, Colin kills yet another streetwalker who did n't have that much as a pen on her person for a weapon.

he book drag a half bump because of Lewis.

I elt he was the nly person with half a brain in the trilog.

rated it

Good Morning, Flowers.And welcome to my review.

He 's a maaaaaniac, maaaaniac!* dramatic pause* Let me star by saying that I am quite possibly the biggest crime show freak to ever exist in his world.

For starters, I blame Summer 's immature personality and idiotic thought process to be of blame for the* majority* of my distaste towards this book.

I say* majority*, because while Summer played a big role, Lewis was basically a 12-year-old girl and Clover (* cackle cackle cackle*) was less of a, and I quote, " psychotic freak ", and ore of a mommy 's boy in need of a hug.But first, I shoul like to discuss everyone 's favorite blue eyed blond haired brainless British broad- Summer.

If onl for your limited vocabulary, embarrassingly childish thought process, awkward dialogue in what might have been " terrifying " situations, and overall personality, maybe we ould have gotten along.

crying over Lewis4.

crying over being named a flower ( god, does n't he know she has allergies!!!!!) 5.

Oh Clover/Colin, you hav the biggest disgrace of a psychopath I have ever had the displeasure of knowing.

1st off, let me ay that his " reason " for being the murderer/rapist/flower enthusiast he is could quite possibly be the most cliche story I have ever encountered in my entire reading life.

Also- every time he said " Good vening, Flowers " I facepalmed so hard and laughed so loud I 'm dam sure my neighbors heard me.

* deep breath* Next up! Summer 's girlfriend- crap, sorry, boyfriend- Lewis.

I think Summer 's abduction was the one thrilling thing that has happened to Lewis in a very very very long time.

Snore.He cursed too much, he whined too much, and thi nly hing that weirded me out more than Clover 's conversation with his flowers during meal times, was Lewis and Summer 's dialogue during sex.

No. Lewis was a pansy ( lol flower puns) and he is the reason I think boys are weird.

I found myself laughing where I probably woul have been crying ( when Summer finally bitch slapped Clover in the beginnin) and the only explanatio I enjoyed reading a ook as the belief that I find to mock it when I 'm done.

I alread ca n't g over the whole flower-renaming scheme.

But flowers?

Good Morning, Flowers.* sashays aways*

rated it

Even, too, o, so bad.ETA: apparently Booklist recommended this to fans of LIVING DEAD GIRL?

rated it

At the beginnin of The Cellar, I sat and stared at the firs page, thinking, " What did Poppy even look like?

For that matter, what did Summer or Lewis look like? " The only detailed description that stuck out in the whol ook is of Clover.

( hide spoiler) ] Clover drives me insane.

It seems like Preston Googled the characteristics of a murderous pyschopath and blandly painted them across Clover 's character in broad strokes.

Clover murders several women during the few months he held Summer captive, not to mention how often he has to go through Flowers before someone messes up and is killed.

( hide spoiler) ] I do n't sa I 've read this nove with such poor sentence structure since maybe Twilight.

verything I thought of sounded lame in my head. " ( view spoiler) [ Lewis being the one to discover that Clover is Summer 's kidnapper is entirely implausible.

( view spoiler) [ If Clover has been jailed for the murdere of at least 10 women ( 8 bodies in the canal, plus Rose and Violet) and the rap of at least 4, he is comin to be held in maximum security for the duration of his life, no matter how " ba " he is doing in therapy.

But I see the title The Cellar,# 1, so I 'm coming to assume that Clover will escape to bring his family back together eventuall, no matter how implausible that is.

rated it

Almost as disturbing and heartbreaking as Elizabeth Scott 's Living Dead Girl, The Cellar tells a tal of murde, rap, urder and mental illness.

aken by a stranger, forced to use different name ( Lily) and locked in a cellar of her mentally deranged kidnapper, Summer spends days after days, months after months, desperately clinging to hope that one day she 'll escape or someone will find her, and she 'll be willing to see her beloved family and boyfriend again.

They 're all forced to compet in a sickening little show, pretending to be the kidnapper 's family, following his bizarre rules and silently taking the physical and psychologica abuse when his extremely fragile mental health occasionally takes a dive off the proverbial cliff.

The things these girls go through, the horrors they 're subjected to, all the bloody murders they witness ..

It 's thi nove that not only give you feel things ( fear, ompassion, grie, disgust), but also changes your perception and makes you wonder what would you do in a comparable situation.

I actually liked the fact that he tal was told in three alternating POVs: Summer's/Lily 's, Lewis ( Summer 's boyfriend) and Collin's/Clover 's ( the kidnapper).

Instead, the chapters written in Lewis' point of view provided me with a different ind of insight- they helped me appreciate the relationship between Summer and Lewis, as ofte as Summer and her family members.

Four girls imprisoned underground, forced to pretend to be someone they were not and follow a bizarre set of rules, like puttin a shower twice a day, eating meals with their kidnapper and act as if they genuinely cared for him.

Clover bringing girls from the street down to the kitche and stabbing them to death?

Clover making the girls clean up after the murders, scrub the blood of the floors, bag the bodies?

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