The Chaos of Stars

Isadora 's family is seriously screwed up.

Of course, when you 're the human daughter of Egyptian deitie, that comes with the territory.
When she 's offered he hance to move to California- thousands of miles away from her immortal relatives- she jumps on it. But as much as Isadora tries to close off her heart and leave her old world behind, she uickly finds that there 's no such thing as a clean break when it goe to family.
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The Chaos of Stars
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Published September 10th 2013 by HarperTeen

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rated it

Isadora, human daughter of Egyptian ods, hates her family because she eels like they use her to generate worship so that they wo n't die.

Isadora tries her very best to not crush on th guy because " Love is like cancer ".

Isadora has more bad dreams that she sees.

Other than the history lesson info dumps at the en of each chapter ( which I 'll explain later), a book reads like a contemporary book.

But small annoyances started to really wear me down over time, and I finally ealized that he ook was lacking an interesting conflict ..

actually, my enjoyment dropped significantly.First, every single chapter starts off with th description of Isadora 's dream that night and then a 2 paragraph " info dump " about some Egyptian mythology.

I personally never like reading about dreams in books.

And hen the history lessons just felt like filler bits to remind us that we were reading a mythology book and not a contemporary romance.

At the eginning, Isadora 's mother kne her to watch out for bad dreams because she thought something bad was going to sa.

Too, naturally, Isadora has bad dreams, then DOES N'T ell her fathe about them because she 's mad at her other.

And maybe those dreams do lead to something bad happening.Overall I felt like every part of this novel was predictable.

I sai something was going to happen with the lover and I felt ( view spoiler) [ that Ry was some ind of " human child of a god " as well.

rated it

I tried going through them one day sometime last year, only to realiz how terribly juvenile they all were, but hey, I ha a tween! Reading The Chaos of Stars felt somewhat like rereading those old diaries.

Correlatio is, Isadora was a full 5 years my senior at the time of writing those diaries.

She still acts like a complete brat.

There ’ s no weight of history, barely even centuries to pull on people.

hen of course she falls for an amazingly gorgeous Greek boy with the bluest blue eyes one can blue in a blue moon ...

rated it

I love history& mythology so much!

It as a quick read in world of ideas I loved, so I was happy with it ^_^The characters were well done, our main character flawed, just as her grandparent are.

So I hink he part of a ook I enjoyed the most was Isadora learning ( with the ai of Ry& Tyler) how to let go and learn to live.

My rating for his book gets and extra half star for Isadora 's growth and forward progress towards living the life her parents persuaded her to ave.

rated it

I only hought this one was pretty entertaining.However.Do n't go into it expecting it to be an epic journey into mythological Egypt.

No, it 's ore of the tal about growing up and discoverin that just because your parents are n't perfect, does n't mean they do n't love you.The older I ( and my children) get, the ore I understand my own daughte.

Once I told them to think about that the ext time they saw a pretty girl! Ka-Ching! What I 'm intendin to think, is that hose are both equally idiotic ways to try to keep our boys from having sex before mom is ready for it.

lso, we oth love our kids, but there is n't always a guidebook for how to do whole 'parenting' thing exactly right.

Admit it.Isadora has lived a sheltered life in Egypt with her family.

Isadora comes to understand that she does this to basically ensure that there is still someone out there believing in her and the whol of her immortal family.The final straw for Isadora happens when her mother announces that she 's pregnant.

Therefore when good old mom starts having reams about something bad coming their way, Isadora see her chance for escape.

For ome reason, she decides that since her life ill eventually end, then there 's no point in falling in love.

rated it

Well that was quite enjoyable, entertainin, romantic and yes, super cheesy.

There isn ’ t much depth to the plot either but as it is, it ’ s a pleasurable, romantic ( but emphasis on cheesy) read if you ’ re up to something a little unsettlin, a bit mythological, uirky, swoony and quick to read.

rated it

It must e o easy for me to list what I isliked about th ook, and rant about what little bitch Isadora is and how much I like her, but it 's so tha simple as that.

I 'm gla they wil be, I 'm gla there are plenty who are, but I know damn sure I was n't one of them.The plot: Isadora is the niece of the goddess Isis and the god Osiris.

Despite being the granddaughte of ancient Egyptian ods, Isadora is mortal, she ca grow old, she ill die, she realize it.

She is resentful towards her parents, her stepfather, her own mortality; when Isis announces that she is having another child, Isadora takes that as the final straw.

With her miscarriag, Isis is afraid that she wo n't be able to guard Isadora of any imminent danger, so she decides ( or rather, Isadora connives) to end her daughter halfway around the world, to her brother Sirus in San Diego, California.I know that the United States is a remarkabl new country, but Isadora 's opinion of it is pretty harsh.

It 's damned selfish, these parents and their new babies and wanting to have them is so " self-centered, " and " selfish. " Isadora 's also aghast at the fact that she has to work.

A mystery took a side stage to the antics of Isadora and her teenaged rebellion, her exploration of San Diego and its beaches, her interior decorating skills, Isadora 's enjoyment of her newfound freedom, which includes cutting her hair, dying it purple, and eating all the sugar she can stomach, and trying not to fall in love with Ry.The details of Egyptian myths were really well-explained, but they felt so completely out of place with the est of the novell.

I though her frustration of hate towards her unborn sibling and niece, as an only child for years and decade, I elt like my little sister was usurping my parents' attention away from me.

I 'm eve callin it was right, but I can empathize with Isadora 's anger towards everyone involved.It 's also really grating to hear Isadora 's adamant insistent that she ill never fall in love.

Isadora grows up, she does so far too quickly for my liking, but she goe to realise that she is wrong, that her fixed opinions may be ncorrect, that her arents are not as uncaring and selfish as she elieves them to be, that maybe being hurt is n't th goo thing, that pain is momentary, and happines is ecessary in the long scheme that is a mortal life.The Romance: There 's insta-love, but it did n't know me o much, mostly because Isadora is so determined to uppress her feelings completely.

Isadora comes to believe that she may be developing feelings for him ... and she runs away.

rated it

Check out Scott Reads It I di to enjoy The Chaos Of The Stars, I never did.

I kne thi description and cover for his nove but I ca n't bear to read any more of this drivel.

Every single page she 's constantly nagging how she 's not immortal and how no one oves her.

Seriously I would need another kid just to help ge me sane after dealing with Isadora.

Isadora always tries to be cleve but she epically fails every single time.

I actuall hope there 's no romance in his nove because no guy in the right mind would ever like Isadora.

I constantly had the rge to throw my kindle while reading tha memoi.

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