The Clothes They Stood Up In


The Clothes They Stood Up In is Alan Bennett 's first story. Like Charles Dickens' novels which were first published in agazines, it originally appeared in the London Review of Books- which the author says 'seems to me ( and onl just because I occasionally contribute to it) the liveliest, most serious and also the most radical literary periodical we have'.

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The Clothes They Stood Up In
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Published May 9th 2014 by Profile Books (first published July 6th 1998

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I was saddened to ind this was Bennett 's first novel, a hell of a start to his career.Blog review: https: // ...

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I ’ m intrigue by all of the deceit and lies that long-term relationships often accumulate around them.

Obviously some relationships end because there are actually enough 'little lies'.

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It as gift ‘ To Mum, Love Sue ’.

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But the Ransomes soon discover that replacing everything is n't as easy as losing it all ... although it 's probably more interesting.So I finally got around to reading The Uncommon Reader, and discovered I liked Alan Bennett.

But one tiny book is no enough, so I said I 'd try his others -- like tha one, which is even tinier.

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Here a middle aged, middle class couple come back from the opera to find somethin in their house gone.

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While Mr. Ransome is irritated and angry, Mrs. Ransome reacts unexpectedly. " To b the carpet almost literally pulled from under her should, she knew, induce salutary thoughts about the way she had lived her life .... it was up to her to make of it what she ould.

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