The Complete Works of Bram Stoker: Dracula, Dracula's Guest, The Snake's Pass, The Jewel Of Seven Stars and More (With Active Table of Contents)

A collection bring together the works by Bram Stoker in a single, convenient, high quality, and xtremely low priced Kindle volume!

Thi Complete Novels

Lady Athlyne
Miss Betty
he Jewel Of Seven Stars ( 1903 Version)
Thi Jewel Of Seven Stars ( 1912 Version)
A Lady Of The Shroud
The Lair Of The White Worm
Thi Man
This Mystery Of The Sea
The Primrose Path
The Shoulder Of Shasta
Snake ’ s Pass
The Watter ’ s Mou ’

Short Stories in Collections

Dracula ’ s Guest And Other Weird Stories:

Dracula ’ s Guest
Thi Judge ’ s House
The Squaw
he Secret Of The Growing Gold
The Gipsy Prophecy
Thi Coming Of Abel Behenna
The Burial Of The Rats
Th Lov Of Red Hands
Crooken Sands

Snow Bound: The Record Of A Theatrical Touring Party:

The Occasion
The Lesson In Pets
Coggins ’ s roperty
Slim Syrens
This New Departure In Art
Mick The Devil
In Fear Of Death
At Firs
Chin Music
Deputy Waiter
Work ’ us
The Corner In Dwarfs
Th Criminal Star
Thi Star Trap
A Moon-light Effect

Uncollected Stories 1872-1914:

The Crystal Cup
Buried Treasures
he Chain Of Destiny
The Dualitists
The Gombeen Man
A Man From Shorrox
he Red Stockade
Our New House
Th Yellow Duster
The Seer
The Bridal Of Death
In The Valley Of The Shadow
he ‘ eroes Of The Thames
Way Of Peace
Greater Love

Under The Sunset:

Under The Sunset
A Rose Prince
The Invisible Giant
he Shadow Builder
How Seven Went Mad
Lies And Lilies
Thi Castle Of The King
Wondrous Child
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Published February 17th 2014(first published February 12th 2004

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rated it

Stoker 's most famous boo, of course, is Dracula, but it was nteresting to read how varied he was in subject matter.

lso, the collection would have been mproved by putting the works in alphabetica order, so we could study the author 's progress.

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