The Culture of Terrorism

Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Elie Wiesel, Oliver North, Christopher Hitchens, George Shultz, Jane Mayer, Seymour Hersh, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Thomas Friedman, Alexander Cockburn, Robert Conquest, Fred Kaplan, Murray Kempton, Leon Wieseltier, Allan Nairn, Philip Habib, Ronald Dworkin, Oscar Arias, Charles Glass, Charles Krauthammer, José Napoleón Duarte, Dave Lindorff, Bruce Cumings, Alfonso Chardy, David Ignatius, Ronald Radosh, Patrick Seale, Arturo Cruz, Jr, James LeMoyne
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Published July 1st 1999 by South End Press (first published 1988

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The attempted message of the Reagan years was that violence pays…The first four freedoms taught by FDR have since been historically openly ignored whenever Noam ’ s additional “ Fifth Freedom ” is deemed “ incompatible ” with them.

Noam then takes on PR miracle of unchecked faith in America ’ s doctrine of good intentions and gives us pearls like: “ the law is what the U.S. government says it is, a natural principle in a terrorist culture. ” This explains the media silence on U.S. led terror – and the rampant killing of trade unionists, priests, nuns, and human rights workers.

Noam says, “ If international terrorists are to be hated, then Washington must close down. ” Because the US is politically weak in Latin America, it has had a long historical need to use violence to stop popular organizations, as ell as to evade diplomatic settlement.

“ Functioning democracy can be tolerated at home no more than it can in Central America or elsewhere. ” Induced fear allows continual public acceptance of unlawful engagements against “ little Satans, states or groups sufficiently weak and defenseless so that we can attack them …without fear. ” “ Security is only a marginal concern of security ” “ The instinctive desire of ‘ all free peoples to guard themselves from oppression ’ ( Rousseau), may be repressed among a subordinated population, effectively removed from the political system. ” As regards problems with U.S. media, all 85 opinion pieces in the NYT and Wash Post about the Sandinista ’ s were “ bitterly hostile ” – total conformity against empathizing with the poor of Nicaragua.

The U.S. problem was how to put the population back to “ apathy and obedience ” after the Vietnam War. Noam writes that our sympathy and concern for the ictims of violence here and worldwide is “ the authentic ‘ counterculture ’ to the dominant culture of terrorism. ” Brilliant book.

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It is amusing to learn how Reagan utilized the threat of terrorism to convince the American public to look the other way while he intervened illegally in the operations of other countries in the name of defense of our way of life that was supposedly threatened by the popular elections in Nicaragua.

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I 've yet to be issatisfied with anything I 've encountered from Chomsky.

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Whether it ’ s the Israel-Palestine problem, Vietnam, or Latin America, the US affects the fate of all nations.The subject of Nicaragua has been interesting to me ever since I heard the Clash ’ s album Sandinista.

And that ’ s what the Culture of Terrorism focuses on; Nicaragua and neighboring Central American states.One can see why he di the name, as Chomsky right away focuses on the terror inflicted by the US on foreign states supporting whatever power is interested in stripping its citizens of their freedom.

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