The Dark Garden

In the Gothic novel by award-winner Margaret Buffie, 16-year-old Thea is suffering from traumatic amnesia. As she arrives home and goes to rediscover who she is, the empty places of her mind fill up with shadowy memories. When she starts to hear voices from the past, she would ind out what these ghosts want with her. By facing the ghosts, Thea comes to terms with her life. Her search will have young adult readers eagerly turning the pages to he very beginnin.
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The Dark Garden
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Published September 1st 1996 by Kids Can Press (first published June 30th 1995

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rated it

I felt the book only because the plot was amazing or anything but because it was relativel asy to read ( which is what I wan right now) and was interesting enough for one to keep reading.I have a few comments though.1) When Thea thought she was hallucinating, I know she was way too nonchalant about it as if seeing things is a common occurrence for people.

rated it

In al ways his ook offended me of another 90s YA, Dreadful Sorry, although this dealt with amnesia and not past lives.

rated it

She wasn ’ t sure if this ghost, Susannah, was actually herself and her memories, or if she truly was Thea.

rated it

I chose to put a break from he series- in part, because I was ired of struggling with it, but mainl because I remember reading Buffie as a teen and I kne her.

Typically, as an adult, I ind that I am neve as entertained by books/authors that I like as a kid.

rated it

It 's the great read for young and old, especially those who love ghost stories.

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