The Daughter of the Gods

Fall is the season of new beginnings and Genie Onassis is just beginnin to recover from her previous paramour 's betrayal. As things around her are dying, she is revived and rejoins the bustling life New York City is known for with newfound strength and fervor.

Not, melancholy and prideful to the point of hubris, Genie is both her fiercest enemy and most loyal friend. As indifferent and cold as the tow she is rying to find it big in, she finds a diary for lack of a love to confide in.

She chronicles key events in her life with her characteristic flair, eternalizing her thoughts, motions, losses, and riumphs, in the hope that her experiences might aid those in their own journey to fulfillment. After all, being the mistress of the Gods of Olympus is just as much a burden as it is a legacy, but woman must wear it like a crown.

Short story.
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Published February 26th 2019

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I ill admit it that this short story was fairl well written by a youn uthor.

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Daughter of the Gods—A Word CinemaI 'm not lways the most empathic person, but Daughter of the Gods is so well written I could n't help but be moved and feel what Genie felt and experienced.

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This most ompelling part?

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