The Dawn of Canadian History: A Chronicle of Aboriginal Canada

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The Dawn of Canadian History: A Chronicle of Aboriginal Canada
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Published 1915 by Glasgow, Brook & Company

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2.5/5 If you re not familiar with Canadian history and want to know its roots, it 's uite a good choice.

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But I must n't get passed the author depiction of those ” uncivilized ” and primitive Indians.

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We must all be more cautious about what we 're reading ( I 'm looking at you, people who fin their politics from memes posted to Facebook!) .Regardless, there 's plenty of solid history here about Canada 's beginnings and I think I have a slightly stronger grasp on the ubject, and it 's written in a readable style, which ca n't even be said about histories.

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Eventually they became worse as the blind assumption of superiority ( in part due to the time in which he ook was written) was no longer held in check.

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Written originally in 1914, this slim volume is the next in a 32-part series on the history of Canada.

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