The Death of Ivan Ilych

Acknowledge as one of the world 's supreme masterpieces on the topic of death and dying, The Death of Ivan Ilyich is the tory of a worldly careerist, a high court judge who has never given the inevitability of his dying so much as a passing thought. But one day, death announces itself to him, and to his shocked surprise, he is brought face to face with his own mortality.

How, Tolstoy asks, does an unreflective man confront his one and only moment of truth?

The short boo was an artistic culmination of a profound spiritual crisis in Tolstoy 's life, a nine-year period following the publication of Anna Karenina during which he wrote ot a word of fiction.
A thoroughly absorbing, and, at times, terrifying glimpse into the abyss of death, it is ofte strong testament to the necessity of finding spiritual salvation.
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Смерть Ивана Ильича
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Published August 3rd 2006 by Waking Lion Press (first published 1886

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rated it

He studied law with Ivan and is the nex to recognize Ivan 's impending death.Lisa Golovin is Ivan 's daughter.Fëdor Petrishchev is Lisa 's fiancé.عنوان: مرگ ایوان ایلیچ؛ نویسنده: لئو تولستوی؛ انتشاراتیها: ( نیلوفر، دانا، رادوگا) ؛ ادبیات روسیه- سده 19 میلادی؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش: ماه نوامبر سال 2007 میلادیعنوان: چند داستان و حکایت؛ نویسنده: لئو تولستوی؛ مترجم: گامایون؛ مسکو، رادوگا، 1364، در 312 ص؛عنوان داستانها: دو افسر هوسار؛ هامون نورد؛ مرگ ایوان ایلیچ؛ پس از مجلس رقص؛عنوان: مرگ ایوان ایلیچ؛ نویسنده: لئو تولستوی؛ مترجم: لاله بهنام؛ تهران، دانا، 1370، در 99 ص؛ شابک:9646242685؛عنوان: مرگ ایوان ایلیچ؛ نویسنده: لئو تولستوی؛ مترجم: صالح حسینی؛ تهران، نیلوفر، 1385، در 152 ص؛ چاپ دوم: 1386؛ سوم 1390؛ شابک: 9789644483073؛مترجمهای این اثر جنابان و بانوان محترم: گامایون، صالح حسینی؛ هوشنگ اسماعیلیان؛ رضی خدادادی ( هیرمندی) ؛ لاله بهنام؛ سالومه مهوشان؛ یوسف قنبر؛ حسن زمانی؛ تیمور قادری؛ سروش حبیبی؛ حمیدرضا آتش بر آب؛ محمد دادگر؛ علی اصغر بهرامی؛ کاظم انصاری؛ هستندایوان ایلیچ، شخصیت اصلی داستان « تولستوی » ، شخصی موفق در زندگی روزمره و کاری ست، ولی در زندگی شخصی دچار مشکلاتی است.

« تولستوی » در این کتاب از توانایی خود، برای به تصویر کشیدن روحیات، و احساسات یک بیمار کم علاج، سود می‌برند.

مرحله خشم: در این مرحله بیمار، دیگران را مقصر بیماری خود می‌داند.

مرحله پذیرش: مرحله پذیرش، آخرین مرحله ی یک بیمار است، که تهی از احساسات می‌شود.

در این مرحله، سکوت، پرمعناترین شکل ارتباط است.

rated it

It is a widespread stereotype that Russian classics are mostly long, edious, boring, a burden to get through, but one only needs to writ thi lon ook like The Death of Ivan Ilych in order to be roven wrong.

Tolstoy uses his protagonist to help us ealize how we all ar to die one day, and there will obviousl be readers who, just like Ivan Ilych, always thought of death as something foreign they would n't have to bothe about until a long time later.

rated it

Wanting an introduction to Tolstoy prior to reading this epic, I decided upon Ivan Ilyich as my gateway to his more celebrated work.

I found Tolstoy 's writing style accessible, which should ease the way for me to ead his longer works.

This part I found the most surprisin was how Tolstoy through Ivan Ilyich discussed his views on death and dying, which is the remise of his tory.

rated it

My unscholarly response is that they hav both masters of exploring the most recondite crevices of the human ind and the existential angst that is inherent in its nature; they describe the undescribable, recreate death and grief unflinchingly and make he reader be racked in pain by both.

And so following the thread of my pensive mood I remembered the unfinished review of Tolstoy ’ s novella that I have been meaning to revise for months on end unsuccessfully, not realizin the appropriate words, not feeling satisfied with what I had written, which I enclose below:***** Do we eally know what death entails? Is the life we lead worthy of being lived? Do we embrac the gift of existence? Tolstoy stares back with blank countenance and pens a sobering story stripped of artifice in response to those unanswerable questions. “ The Death of Ivan Ilych ” confronts the reader with his own mortality.

Ivan looks death in the eye with more frustration than fear, dumbfounded that his life will be reduced to a trivial list of actions performed by an absurd sense of duty making of his time in th world even less than an anecdote.

Despite the heartfelt compassion that Ivan perceives in his on ’ s glance, as young, untainted boy takes his lifeless hand, Death places her cold, blindfolded kiss and presses her finger upon the man ’ s eye, sealing them forever, and I, uninvited outsider, shaken and teary, get a sour taste of what dying feels like.****** I had intende to polish the review; retrieve some sentences, rephrase others, perhaps add some quotes ...

rated it

See, I had mistakenly given up on the masters of Russian literature due to the struggles I had reading a particular novel ( I ’ m looking at you Brothers Karamazov!), assuming they were all inaccessible and there was no point in expending anymore energy trying to make sense of books with characters that go by 3 different names and waaaaaaah the end.THIS book!

But has he truly lived? Tolstoy describes Ivan Ilyich ’ s failing health in such a way that reader can almost FEEL what it was like for him.

We fin the briefest of glimpses of what it ust be like for th man on the brink of death.

why is this happening to me! ” But then in the beginnin, he sees what we all hope to find.

He discovers that this is ot the beginnin of life, but the nd of death.Well, Leo, I want you 've found yourself a new fan.

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