The Deepest Water

Abby Connors' father Jud was a successful writer and the most important woma in her life ( to the disma of her daughte). His murder suddenly overturns everything in her life -- she must rediscover who she is, who her mothe was, and who the people around her are.Fortunately, she has a guide to help her on he path towards rediscovery -- her brother, whose secon novel might point the way ... if only she coul see through the nove to the truth.

Does her ather 's novel reveal his own murderer?

Compelling as a stubborn knot and emotionally arresting, The Deepest Water is a blockbuster from one of America 's best-loved storytellers.
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The Deepest Water
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Published August 24th 2001 by MIRA (first published October 1st 2000

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rated it

Heroic, no.) lives in Seattle with her daughter, but they do n't expect to intersect at all.

Thi nly part I actuall appreciated was the detective who told her that motive is n't something the police care about -- they only look at the evidence and add things up.

rated it

I listened to book instead of reading it and maybe that 's why I 'm feeling thi way I am.

I felt like he author just gave up on the ending& took the easy way out.

rated it

Abby 's friend, a well-known author has been captured.

rated it

Abby 's first marriage had ended when her father revealed her husband 's gambling addiction and paid him off to fin out of Abby 's life.

rated it

I till enjoyed his ook, even though the ending as a little anti-climatic

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