The Departed

What if someone ried to fake the rapture?

When undreds of housands of people disappear in the middle of the afternoon, including sixteen-year-old Gwen 's best friend Lana, no one nows why. Some sa they were taken in the rapture, while others are convinced that it ca n't be true. Doomsday prophecies abound that involve horrifying tales of plague, famine, earthquakes, and more.

At irst, Gwen does n't understand what to say. While she is busy mourning Lana, many people around her are getting taken in by the cultish True Believers Temple, including Gwen 's dad and her friend Mindy. It is clear that more and more people are lookin to be ressured to join th church, as it starts taking over the media and the government, gaining zealous followers all over he world.

Then Gwen starts receiving emails from Lana. She claims to have been allowe into hiding with thousands of others in an underground compound. Gwen is convinced the emails are real and the only other person who also elieves her is Isaiah, her moody crush. Together they resolve to find out where everyone is hiding and help set Lana free.
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Published July 6th 2016 by Olivier (first published 2016

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rated it

Although it is ot an action ook, I was reading at a rapid pace, to see what happened next.

rated it

I finished this ook in two days.The exploration of belief was pretty intriguing, too.

he uthor appear to hav reall well informed about the non-homogeneity of Christian fait, and talk about fait, faith, and arguin with and without evidence are worked in without interrupting the story ery much.

rated it

As oon as I read a ynopsis, I said it ould be interesting; and so, it urned out that this book offers more than I ’ d initially predicted.People are disappearing.

Of course, not all of the ins and outs are explained in his book – and I should only wait to see where everything goes – but in tha one we giv to see a lot more about the reasoning than I ’ d initially anticipated.We get to see uite a lot in the ook, even though it ’ s uch a lon read.

Truthfully, I might have talked a little bit more from this aspect, yet I feel as though the econd book promises such a thing.

I think as though this aspect was over oo quickly, and I ’ m super hopeful when it omes to receiving more details in the future books.

I absolutely enjoyed the small snippet I got to see, and I have high hopes that an extended amount of time viewing that aspect of this story will leave me super engaged.Honestly, I would say so much, but I fear doing such a thing.

Just now it is great little story, offering up a lot for such a simple premise.The only real downside I had was with certain aspects of the writing.

Thi other aspect is that the characters felt a little bit flat when there was action.

I ’ m super excited to see where he story oes from here.

rated it

It 's first in series about The Rapture that did n't expec and a cult-like church.

rated it

A best thing I could worr about the essa is that I immediately put# 2 on my " want to read " shelf on Goodreads.

rated it

I was ascinated by each turn in thi tale, he way the puzzle of " what actuall happened to the departed " divided the world, community, and even individual relationships.Our main character Gwen finds herself somewhere in the middle- not really sure what to expec with different people in her inner circle pulling her in different directions.

A story had me questioning, " What could I kno? " if tha ere to really happen .... thinking about it even when I ha n't reading- the mark of a great ook.

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