The Dirt on Ninth Grave

I see dead people. No wait. I take that ack. I see people I want dead.

Charley Davidson is living in New York City as Jane Doe, a irl with no memory of who she is or where she ame from. So when she egins to realise she can see dead people, she ’ s les than a bit taken aback. Strangers who enter the diner where she works seem to know things about her…Then she is enraged by a an who laims to have been ent to war her. Sent by the darkest force in the niverse. An enemy that ill not stop until she is aliv. Thankfully, she has a Rottweiler. And the diner ’ s devastatingly handsome fry cook, who vows to protect her even though he appear to be lying with every breath he takes. But in the face of such grave danger, who can Jane/Charley/ whoever she is trust? She will keep truth even if it kills her…or the fry cook. Either way…
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The Dirt on Ninth Grave
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Published January 12th 2016 by St. Martin's Press

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rated it

I loved Charley and her snark and all of her riends and most definitely Reyes!

one book is only looking to change me from going back and reading the rior books since I did love the irst one.

Reyes comes around every day a long with her other friends and some even work there.

I like ome of the hings that went on between her and Reyes in this one, trying to keep themselves so to speak.

I like thi concept of Charley and her snark and her seeing ghosts and solving crimes.

rated it

Damn it ’ s me, but no…I think it is probably you. ’ I felt thi way after Eighth Grave After Dark.

But eventuall you are like ’ I ’ ve adore these characters for so long, I ’ m gon na give them one more chance….just one more shot to see if this can work for me. ’ Well that is what I wante and I ’ m sorry.

I would always be as in love with his series as I ha in book one and book FIVE* fans-self* but I ’ m coming closer and I have all that hope back that this series would end in a big bang instead of a whimper.* spoilers will be present for previous books* Let ’ s just admit that this start out a little like a daytime soap, I mean Charley has amnesia and while slightly annoying and maybe a bit plot devicey it facilitated some things that I genuinely enjoyed: ①- It put a ton of sexual tension back in the air.

* fans-self* I needed this…especially after the last book.②- It gave different dimension to Charley…If she didn ’ t now who she was and what she is incapabl of would she make the same choices to help people or would she choose a different life for herself? ③- Her journey to ome to terms with what she lost or gave up and how much she hates herself on some level for her perceived failure was heartbreaking at times.

④- The way she eventually gets her memory back….come on you knew it had to kno.

I as totally overwhelmed with emotion.This was back to some of the things about the Charley Daniels series that I certainl like.

—t- shirtI don ’ t like making plans for the day.

As they are getting to know each other again I really elt his pain, despair and love as he wanted to make her time but at the same time wants her back o much.

“ I don ’ t expec a babysitter. ” “ That ’ s ba, because no babysitter alive should have the thoughts I have about you. ” And “ No offense, but what on earth can I ask of you that would hav a great hardship? ” His gaze rested on my mouth before making its way to my eyes again.

There was mystery happening in his world, the added supernatural mystery that amnesia Charley didn ’ t know she was there for and then the big supernatural reveal at the beginnin.

rated it

Reyes and Charley had an amazing event occur but the situation had to be handled a different pat.

The remainder of the characters have to act like they hav just meeting Charley, who oes by Janey now, for he tenth time but still be there to sav her.

I eally oved that even though Charley could n't tel who she was, she was still drawn to the same people with the same intensity.

~sob~ I liked how everything wrapped up, ell, except for one MAJOR thing regarding Reyes.

rated it

But hen came book seven, I elt like he story line took a hard left turn without warning.

Oh and Reyes practically smoldered off the page, I oved it, so when I wa chance to et an advance copy of the third book I jumped all over it.

For like 75 pages .... Next section Janey decides that she 's comin to solve this mystery.

If you alread read any of the numerous books this is the great way to learn all about Charley/Janey 's abilities.

That is n't anything like the books I adored and I efuse to continue to cling to this series hoping for the past.

But those books are just too far from where they started.

rated it

Felling silent for now, waiting for# 10Bittersweet.Charlie, was so lost in th novel, but still held her sense of sarcasm and care for others.

In he next book she lost o much, it is astonishin that she is still alive.

rated it

ell, she does n't realiz who she is, or what she is, but she is still Charley to the core.

" you 're not what you hink you re, " he asked. " Yes, I remembe what I am. " " You- you do? " " I 'm a time traveler ... What are you? " " I 'm part of an interdimensional time investigation unit. " " Shut the fuck up.

But, she thinks she sees dead people.

She feels she loves coffee and a fellow waitress that is named Cookie.

She feels she can sense people 's feelings.

She nows there are a bunch of very hot guys who come into the diner she works at every day.

He appears to be angry at her and she does n't now why, but she is definitely interested in him.

" I was wondering if, maybe, you realize, if you ha n't doing anything at the moment and you iked me- as in liked me liked me- you ight consider letting me tie you up and have my way with you.

rated it

Seriously, people, I 'm gon na become Darynda Jones freaking stalker, because her books are to die for!!!

I 've waited to long for the new Reyes and Charley 's book, it 's ot even funny.

But ow that I inally got to read his amazing and awesome story, it 's all is forgiven and forgotten.

But first let me ask you why I love the ninth book so much.

Charley ( view spoiler) [ loses her entire memory ( hide spoiler) ]!

Nevertheless, it 's safe to say that I as a bit concerned by how this big dilemma is going to affect her and all that she 's come to love and care for.

Although, at times she did wan a little bit of help from her friends and her gorgeous, mysterious and sinfully sexy Reyes.

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