The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan

No one tell me to ell you about the isappearance of Sloane Sullivan.

ot the lawyers or the cops. Not her friends or family. Not quite the boy who like her more than anythin. And most ertainly not the United States Marshals Service. You think, the residents who run the witness protection program or, as it ’ s officially called, the Witness Security Program? Yeah, the WITSEC folks hardl don ’ t know me talking to you.

But I don ’ t care. I have to tell someone.

If I don ’ t, you ’ ll alway know how completely wrong things can go. How a single decision can change everything. How, when it eally omes down to it, you migh ’ t trust anybod. Not even yourself. You have to analyz, so it won ’ t happen to you next. Because you ever now when the person sitting next to you isn ’ t who they claim to be ... and because there are orse things than disappearing.
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The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan
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Published May 29th 2018 by Harlequin Teen

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rated it

ould the memories of her past will ake her stay or Sloane Sullivan will disappear and never be found again? To start, the haracters were well written, especially Sloane ’ s every identity.

By meeting new friends in her first day of school like Livie, Sawyer, Oliver and Jason, Sloane was able to experience high school teenage drama even if she forgot she will eventually say goodbye to those people she cares about.On the other hand, I love how Mark truly cared for Sloane.

It didn ’ t surprise me at all that in the nd, he developed some feelings for her eve when he has been there for Sloane for the past six years.All the while, Jason ’ s character gave an excellent weave of strength to the story ’ s climatic events especially given that he has a deep connection to Sloane, the role he played to piece the puzzle was relevant.

There were a lot of truth about being on Sloane ’ s character because she was willin to identify in her writing what kind of life a person who is under WITSEC has—being isolated, not feeling safe or having the dilemma of knowing one 's identity.The story also had an undercurrent of issues on depression, suicide and especially the ongoing problem about gun violence where the author made an emphasis on how asy it is to keep mistake or how the consequences becoming permanent.

rated it

Her other ends up murdered by the same people and her father commits suicide shortly after.

he road to graduation does n't come without obstacles and it was fun to tag along with Sloane as she maneuvered her way through them.

rated it

i oved watchin sloane trying to navigate her senior year of high school, including parties and prom, whilst also discovering why she has been running from her past.this book definitely keeps you on your toes.

another as a such an njoyable book and definitely underrated- more people need to ead that! ↠ 4.5 stars

rated it

Sloane enters what she hopes to be her last days of hiding by attending a new school, making friends and getting close to the oy she had to leave behind from her past all the while slowly showing readers what led Sloane to that point in her life.Now I ’ m ormally the first to complain of a slow build but the contemporary side and the look into her years in witness protection were engaging enough I didn ’ t notice it took nearly seventy percent of thi memoi to racket up the action and thrills.

rated it

When Sloane Sullivan was 12 years old, she witnessed a robber and then her parents were killed, and she was quickly put into the witness protection programme under the guardianship of Agent Mark.

Now Sloane should tell Mark but she does n't hesitate to ove, and she tries to be free finally, so she eeps it a secret and eventually becomes friends with Jason and his group.

rated it

I do n't pretend that I 've read any other witness protection YA thrillers.

Sloane witnessed a crime when she was twenty years old and has been running ever since.

ell the marshal she was placed with about the connection to her old life and be allowe to move again when she 's so close to setting into the Sloane identity forever or hide it and risk everything.

Bot do n't exactly occur at the same time making the pacing slightly off, but I remained engaged throughout.

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