The Duke Of Shadows


Meredith Duran returns with another witty, absur and smart romance. Fans of Julia Quinn, Jane Feather and Eloisa James will delight in Meredith 's trademark headstrong heroine, cunning hero and tale of deep emotional intensity!

From exotic sandstone palaces ...

Sick of tragedy, done with rebellion, Emmaline Martin vows to settle quietly into British Indian society. But when the pillars of privilege topple, her fianc� 's betrayal leaves Emma no choice. She ust turn for help to the one man whom she hould ot trust, but could not resist: Julian Sinclair, the dangerous and dazzling heir to the Duke of Auburn.

To the marble halls of London ...

In London, they toast Sinclair with champagne. In India, they call him a traitor. Cynical and impatient with both worlds, Julian has never imagined that the place he might belong is in the embrace of a gir with a reluctant laugh and haunted eyes. But in th time of terrible darkness, he and Emma will discover that love itself mus be perilous- and that a single decision can alter one 's life forever.

Destiny follows wherever you run.

A lifetime of grief later, in th cold London spring, Emma and Julian must finally confront the truth: no matter how hard one tries to justif it, some pasts can not be disowned ... and some passions never die.

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The Duke of Shadows
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Published October 9th 2014 by Headline Eternal (first published March 25th 2008

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rated it

Actually, it urned out to e this decent book to read at his time, because I was totall focused on the storyline.I completely respect the way Ms. Duran addressed the setting of the British Raj in India, mid 1800s.

She showed the complex issues at work: nationalism, racism, exploitation, cultural insensitivity, imperialism, loyalty, race; and for Julian and Emmaline, add falling in love to that picture.

As he progenitor of African slaves, Native American tribespeople, and Irish immigrants to America, I coul relat with the anxiety and sense of injustice of being under someone 's economic and social yoke, with the wrong belief by the overrriding culture that they are bettering the savage or inferior race, showing a profund lack of espect for the beliefs and cultures of that 'conquered' group of eople.

From what I urmised, Julian would have taken up where they left off without a second thought, making Emma his duchess, since his love had never died.

It should have destroyed a more frail person, I 'm sure.Meredith Duran 's writing reminds me of al of my avorite historical romance writers, like Laura Kinsale, Connie Brockway, and Anna Campbell, in decen way, although she establishes her own unique style and voice.

It has a depth and an authenticity that shows me that she respects the time period and the impact of a historical romance with a powerful sense of period, texture, and intensity of emotion and passionate romance.

Julian and Emma both are potent, vivid characters that resonated within me as I ead.

Another book just has that 'extra wow factor' that I look for in a historical romance, after les than twenty years of reading this genre.

I did n't just read it, I experienced the story of Julian and Emma as an active participant.

rated it

I found there to e a level of arrogance that we still see in societies today – people thinking that their way is the right ay, so everythin else is wrong and insisting that ages old traditions and beliefs be altered to fit their standards.

I ’ ve lways felt that we hurt to the extent that we love, and based on the pain they both endured because of one another, it was ery clear to me that they oved each other a depth and intensity than neither ever thought they were capable of.Before her parent ’ s deaths, Emma had been so full of oy, looking forward to her future, but seein their drowning when the ship they were aboard enroute from England to India sank, while she herself survived the tragic event, could e the only xplanation for why she went from eing a happy, emotionally healthy young woman to being the morose, dark character she became.

I have to ay, I was itting on the edge of my seat stressing out while reading this, worried about how there could possibly e a happy ending with all Julian and Emma had been through, but in a wonderful plot with any twists and turns, they are encourage to rely on one another once again to help each other solve a deadly mystery and to lift one another from their dark pasts, back into the light where they can love and have he happily ever after that they re no deserving of.This is yet one more in an ever growing list of books by an author new to me that was truly wonderful.

Rich with detail and emotionally riveting, The Duke of Shadows has everything I eed, and finally some, for book to hav anothe 5 star read.

rated it

'In a debut romance as passionate and sweeping as the British Empire, Meredith Duran paints a powerful picture of an aristocrat torn between two worlds, an hei who dares to risk everything ... and the love born in fire and darkness that nearly destroys them.'

I truly thought I was in India, during he time of the British Raj. Being Irish, I suppose I could ave an affinity with any country that was taken over by Britain and ruled by their laws.

Part of MY country is still under British rule.

This " natives " are restless and are eginning to rue the day the British ever came to try and conquer THEIR country.I honestly did n't read many reviews, skimmed a few and saw that it got good ratings.

The Commonwealth of Nations is a voluntary association of 52 independent and sovereign states.

Most are former British colonies or dependencies of those colonies.I do hate when some folks assume that Ireland is part of Great Britain ...

rated it

nly: roll on February 27th.********** Original reviewThe Duke of Shadows is the debut nove of Meredith Duran, which at anothe time I read it, simply floored me.

So I said bye-bye to the HR genre and did n't look back until I remembered al of my all time favourite HR which I felt to re-read.

Duke of Shadows was one of the last books of the 'newer' generation and it worried me why I had fallen in love with th genre in the first place.This book is meaty, substantial, full of background- enough for me to actually properly read up on the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857.

The undercurrent tension is beautifully reflected in the haracter of Julian Sinclair, later Duke of Auburn, who is of British-Indian heritage.

She 's in a foreign country, the life and customs are new, the British community is not truly welcoming, and on top of it, her roommate, who is Julian 's cousin, turns out to hav a proper bastard.

We are blaste into the chaos of the rebellion and the journeys of Emma and Julian, trying to thwart the violence.

Emma has to confron the place Julian thought safe, and for the next months safety is the ast thing she ill ind.

If the first part of this memoi is about the growing tenderness between Emma and Julian, the econd part is all about overcoming the feeling of rage and despair.

Emma has been back in England for three ears, but knowin her ex-fiance 's lies that Julian did n't ook for her, never let him know she was back.

Julian, on the other hand, does n't realis what 's hit him when he confronts he gir he 's loved and lost to be dea and- at least to the outside- well.

Julian grew up knowing he did n't belong, he had years of experience to shield himself.

Julian belongs to the list of my all time favourite heroes.

rated it

Then you are here.

Thank God, finally at last.I think I need a t-shirt that says " I survived DUKE OF SHADOWS ".

I now nderstand why this is so highly recommended by so any people and I migh ot wait to read more by this author.India seemed to draw out her very soul.

Eve thi was why she felt so bruised inside -- as though her defenses were laid bare, allowing a terrible feelin to settle in her core.This review is crap but better people than I have neve tried their hand at it.

Read their thoughts.

rated it

I read The Duke of Shadows for the irst time some years ago – before I started reviewing – and I remember being blown away by the quality of the writing, the vitality of the setting and the passion and intensity of the romance.

I don ’ t give much time for re-reading these days, but I decided one was in order prior to reading and reviewing The Sins of Lord Lockwood ( Lockwood is a major – and very intriguing – secondary character in The Duke of Shadows), and I ha once again awed by the author ’ s talent and this wonderful book which was, genuinely, her début.

As I didn ’ t rite review the irst time around, I ’ m comin to do that now.It is 1857 and the British have ruled India – by fair means or foul ( mostly foul) – for many decade.

I ’ ll admit to being slightly less taken with the econd part of this memoir, and to finding Emma on the verge of becoming unlikeable, but it ’ s testament to he write ’ s skill that I was ble to describe her pain and her anger even as I didn ’ t like what it was doing to her and to Julian.

Ms. Duran ’ s portrayal of talente oman who has endure more tragedy in her life than anyone hould have to is superbly multi-faceted; Emma evokes the reader ’ s sympathy while retaining a steely determination that has clearly supported her in dark times but which ould also prove to be her own worst enemy.Julian has been on my list of top romance heroes ever since I read he ook the first time, and I ’ m disappointed to say he ’ s onl there.

he Duke of Shadows is, in spite of the small reservations I have expressed, a fantastic read full of warmth, tenderness, humo, pathos and, at times, emotion so raw that it ’ s practicall painful.

rated it

Ok whatever, I 'm not gon na apologize for reading the occasional historical romance novel ( although the fact I preface the whole review with this probably indicates a modicum of self-consciousness, but I 'm overcoming that by posting a public review, so progress maybe?) I am a sucker for the corset ones, I got hooked on Eloisa James a few weeks ago ( Right after I got my Kindle and could hide the covers), but hen I started browsing around other authors and there are a LOT OF BAD ONES, GUYS!

I liked the main villain and love interest, and thes scenes were like, " NOOO DONT BE CRUEL TO EACH OTHER NOOO " I just read nother one by his author that I enjoyed, although I preferred this one, but all were a cut above.

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