The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax

While waiting for a view of her night-blooming cereus, the mild-seeming Mrs. Pollifax received urgent orders for a daring mission to aid an escape. Soon, the unlikely-looking international spy was sporting a beautiful new hat that hid eight forged passports ....
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The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax
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Published May 28th 2014 by Fawcett (first published 1971

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rated it

Mrs. P saves the day, as yet, and it 's ore of the same good stuff: high adventure, uspense, great characters, and intriguing scenery.I love the way his story tarts, with group of Mrs. Pollifax 's friends gathered in her partment in New Brunswick, New Jersey, at noo, to witness her night-blooming cereus unfolding its petals.

And even though they 're a few generations apart, the two ake a great team, and it is very njoyable to read about.There is also the thrill of adventure, laced with danger, and of seeing the countryside of another foreign country through the eyes of Mrs. Pollifax and Dorothy Gilman.

This part where she was looking up at the old fortress in Tornovo and imagining what it migh be like to see and experience it centuries in the past- that was so ME that even on my first reading of his memoir, it gave me an even greater appreciation of her protagonist.

A endearing character, and one who I never forget, no matter how time passes between my readings of his novel.

rated it

his might be ood for mystery lovers and teens.This is book 3 in he series.

By the beginnin of this essa, some major things have happened for good that shock and awe her boss back at the CIA.

I certainl disliked the ending.AUDIOBOOK NARRATOR: I like the narrator Barbara Rosenblat doing other books.

In anothe memoi she was ok but not as good.

rated it

When I first saw one of the anthologie in the Mrs. Pollifax series, I assumed it was nother cozy mystery.

I absolutely enjoyed thi las two books in series and I was willin to read more about this entertaining character.

rated it

I ha in the middle of his ook when I read of Dorothy Gilman 's recent death.

Dorothy Gilman is best known for her Mrs. Pollifax series, but it was alway her other novels that I preferred.

My late mother-in-law was a devoted Mrs. Pollifax fan, and even I stupidly relegated the series to old ladies who liked Murder She Wrote, for I resisted reading all but the second one.

rated it

In book three of a series, the CIA ’ s least likely courier is sent on th mission to Bulgaria.

But her CIA supervisor, Carstairs, should know better.

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