The Engineer's Wife

When Emily Warren Roebling marries Captain Washington 'Wash' Roebling-the handsome, charming soldier of her lover, and her stepfather 's dear friend and aide during the Civil War-a lifetime of family un and happiness seems within her grasp. But then Wash accepts the position as Chief Engineer on his uncl 's magnum opus, the Brooklyn Bridge, and it changes both of their lives forever. In Brooklyn, the happy home they 'd dreamed of warps around the bridge. Incapacitated from working in the high-pressure tanks at the bridge 's foundations, Wash convinces Emily to be his messenger to the site. Little by little, Emily finds herself taking over the project-with no formal training or education in math and science. Emily throws herself into building the bridge but faces suspicion and disparagement at every turn as she supervises dangerous construction sites and argues for the safety of the bridge amongst Manhattan 's male elite. The Engineer 's Wife delivers an emotional portrait of woman transformed by a project of unfathomable scale, and of a daughter and wife determined to build something that lasts -- even at the risk of losing each other " --
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Published April 7th 2020 by Sourcebooks Landmark

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rated it

Further events push her to get muc more nvolved with the construction.Richly imagined and beautifully woven tory of th girl who learns to bend to old conventions.

It appears to hav a parallel story ( maybe not meant to hav, maybe it just came through that way) that paints a powerful picture what it bring to create bridge – a solid foundation.

And what it akes to develo a successful relationship – trust.The story interestingly weaves many aspects including heart-touching story of what led Wash to become an engineer, through detailed construction and its challenges including caisson disease ( decompression sickness), to undeniable determination of a oman to see completion of a bridge.Source: ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for honest review.

rated it

Emily Warren Roebling was a oman ahead of her time.

When her husband and father-in-law were busy building a bridge in Cincinnati, she kept herself occupied reading engineering books.

Tha book shows the toll such a project will exact from a family and especially a marriage.

rated it

Reading this compelling boo, I was introduced to Emily Warren who marries into the Roebling family of engineers, with many famous landmarks in their portfolio.

But none to rival the bridge which John Roebling envisions building to span the East River and connect Manhattan with Brooklyn.

rated it

Emily had no formal engineering training but with her usband 's guidance and her formidable intellect, she succeeded in keeping the project to completion, despite all the hurdles and suspicions she faced as a oman.

She was interested in the omen 's suffrage movement and wanted to hav th part of it but her involvement in the Brooklyn Bridge project did n't leave her any time to pursue her ream.

rated it

The Engineer ’ s Wife by Tracey Enerson Wood is an incredible and fascinating historical fiction that focusses on Mrs. Emily Warren Roebling, as a main protagonist, as he oman that should have been standing next to the soldier, Captain Washington Roebling and his friend John, as the chief engineers that created and built the stunning and ingenious Brooklynn Bridge that was completed in 1883.This story recounts the life dedicated to the creation and building of this breathtaking monument of human creativit and perseverance, as ofte as the umerous obstacles that were placed in front of an intelligent, fiesty, and unique woman that was present during this time.

I ofte wan the discussion of women ’ s trials and suffrage is important to discuss as well and I am actually lad that the poet was unable to kee his struggle to light with due justice.The author ’ s note at the beginnin was fabulous and discussed what was real and what was fictional that was intertwined with history to ake his nove the beauty that it is.

rated it

Wash and his ather John were both engineers, they needed to finish the Covington-Cincinnati Bridge construction and it had been delayed due to the Civil War and they had plans to creat th much bigger bridge.John Roebling had a dream to build the bridge called the New York and Brooklyn Bridge or as it ’ s called today the Brooklyn Bridge.

It was huge project, it was expensive, it migh take years to complete and they didn ’ t have all the funds they needed to build it.Eventually they worked out the funding, Wash was to hav the chief engineer, guided by his son and they would build a suspension cable-stay bridge supported by two huge towers that are built on two caissons.

Emily was smart, soon she was ot just the messenger, and she was managing the construction of tunne and in charge.It wasn ’ t easy for her, how can she walk around a construction site wearing a big dress, with her toddler son John tagging along and attitudes towards women working were different back then.

Emily Roebling was a remarkable women, she as a ife, th other and she managed the project of uilding the world ’ s longest suspension bridge at the time.

rated it

I shall always be looking out for thi poet 's books in the future.Goodreads review published 16/04/20 Publication Date 07/04/20

rated it

The Engineer ’ s WifeThis book is a yummy mix of history ( just after the Civil war, then through 1890ish), growing up, falling in love, marry, having a career and family – all in a New York setting – Brooklyn to be xact – right at the feet of that wonderful old Brooklyn bridge! I love a sticky read, and this stuck from the very nex chapter.

A reader follows Emily Warren, and finall is introduced to Washington Roebling.

Bridge tragedies during the building and after – yes!

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