The Eyes that drowned Uyuni

*** Coming in Spring 2014***

" I started taking smaller steps; steps to match hers. Perhaps trying to slow time down, and ease things on her tiny feet that were on this Earth somewhere, now getting tired trying to g home. "


Her cheeks were salty. I must tell she had been crying, and forcin the tears dry.

Why? And for how long? I did not care.

I kissed her again.

he same cheek she would neve let her daddy touch before- with the' I do n't like your beard' excuse- was now getting soaked in my smooches.

" Let 's go home, sweetheart ", I whispered.

But she did not move. Her lip were locked somewhere far on the plains.

" What 's wrong, baby? Let 's go home. It 's daddy ... "

" I ca n't ... I am your. ".

She kissed my orehead, freed herself from my grip, and tarted to walk away.

" No. Not gain. I will not. How an I let you walk away? "

After all his, after all the pains, fights, bruises, crusades- how can I just let you walk away?

But she kept walking- her shadow was slowly becoming one with her self.

Woul I really set her free, and free myself too of the fear- the ear of missing her, forever?

Is that what my love for her is leaving with?

I felt dizzy, and fell on my shoulder. My sunshine was now a tiny dot on the horizon.
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Published (first published February 2nd 2014

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rated it

I also hate the way thi author turne out the intimacy between Parag and Mriga without getting into too much details.

rated it

The Eyes that Drowned Uyuni feels unfinished, like an early draft.

There is no character building like other novels/ novella 's I have read.

Chapter 19 ends, and then Chapter 20 begins, however, we are further back in Parag 's past?

rated it

Looking forward to reading its sequel.

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