The First Book of Carrie

Socially inept Carrie Carter has been a pariah for most of her life. Rumors about her family, ranging from fanciful to utterly ridiculous, have een the bane of her existence. But what her classmates do n't understand is how close to the truth the rumors really are.

As Carrie gets closer to her nineteent birthday, she
starts to experience subtle changes. Confused and panicke,
she understands that she 's comin to die from some terrible condition that caused all the female in her family
to meet their untimely demise.

othing could have prepared her for
what ould happen next.

Change is nly the beginning ...

Book Release Date: June 25, 2013
Year of the Publication
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Original Title of the Book
The First Book of Carrie
Publication Date
Published June 25th 2013

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rated it

It does n't try to be poetic or witty; it simply tells the intriguing story of thi talente girl coming of age with an incredibl powerful dark gift.

She should ave to dig in and find the truth herself as she agrees to either manage her own evil, or let it take her.This read brought back memories of book series called The Last Vampire into which I invested much of my younger years.

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