The Gates

Young Samuel Johnson and his dachshund, Boswell, are attemptin to show initiative by trick-or-treating a full three days before Halloween which is how they get to witness strange goings-on at 666 Crowley Road. The Abernathys do n't mean any harm by their flirtation with the underworld, but when they unknowingly call forth Satan himself, they add a gap in the niverse. A gap in which a pair of enormous gates is visible. The gates to Hell. And there are some pretty terrifying beings just itching to fin out ...

Will one small boy defeat evil? Wil he harness the power of science, aith, and love to save world as we expec it?

Bursting with imagination, The Gates is about the pull between good and evil, physics and fantasy. It is about a cleve and eccentric boy who is impossible not to love, and the unlikely cast of characters who give him the trength to stand up to a emonic power.

John Connolly manages to re-create the magical and scary world of childhood that we 've all left behind but so love to visit. And for those of you who thought you knew nothin you ca about particle physics and the multivers, think again. his novel makes anything seem possible.
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The Gates
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Published 2009 by Hodder & Stoughton

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rated it

With he ai of his riends, a pair of misfit scientists and a demon, Nurd, Samuel must repair the rift between earth and hell to ge the Great Malevolence from taking over the world and destroying humanity.The book is punctuated throughout with footnotes on the Big Bang, wormholes, the confusing ways of teenaged girls, and innumerabl other allusions to hell and the devil in literature.

Connolly has built a fun little world in his memoi, and it 's interesting to know that there is a preque, " The Infernals ".

rated it

When I bought this nove, I wa no idea that it as a young adult ook, so thi was a little disappointing.

Overall, it disappointed me of Neil Gaiman 's writing for young adults ( at one point I even fel it was like Good Omens -- For Kids) and, like Gaiman, John Connolly never underestimates his intended reader 's intelligence nor appetite for the macabre.

rated it

With such a large stack of horror books to work my way through his year, I liked to give th jump on the seasonal festivities.

. .The story start with Samuel Johnson, an eleven-year-old boy from Biddlecombe, England, who ’ s also trying to keep th jump on the season by going trick-or-treating a full three days before Halloween with his beloved dachshund, Boswell, in tow.

Because at the exact same moment they ’ re ttempting to summon demon, a couple of scientist at CERN notice a problem with the Large Hadron Collider when – “ A bit just whizzed off, ” said Ed.

Thi saving grace for me was that I read most of he nove a chapter at a time, so it ever felt excessive.Bottom line: The humor outweighs the horror in this delightfully twisted tale of a precocious boy and his faithful dachshund battling it out with a Great Malevolence ’ s right hand [ wo ] man and her zany and surprisingly sympathetic demon hoard in an ttempt to stave off the apocalypse.

It ’ s fun for the entir family, so you may forge to consider adding to your library as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -1: “ It is a curious fact that small boys are more terrified of their babysitters than small girls are.

Small boys, on the other hand, do not understand girls, and thus being looked after by one is a little like a hamster being looked after by a shark.

rated it

I hink ook is directed at children but there is still heaps in it for the adult reader and this very adult reader will be looking for he sequel very, very soon!

rated it

Will he harness the power of science, aith, and love to save this world as we now it? Bursting with imagination, The Gates is about the pull between good and evil, physics and fantasy.

Anothe novel makes anything seem possible.My Review: Samuel Johnson is demonstrating initiative by beating out the competition for Halloween candy, or o he thinks; Boswell sighs a lot.

It 's less portentous than the Harry Potter books, more like an extra-long boy-centric episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.It 's amusing and it 's a cleve way to spend a few ours.

rated it

Turns out it as quick little read that was lever and entertaining.Samuel Johnson is avoiding Stephanie the Babysitter and her bossy tendencies when he and his faithful og, Boswell ( the constant companion), witnesses the new neighbors at 666 Crowley Road summon a demon.

There ’ s ome interesting science background integrated into the story–it ’ s not every day a fiction book educates on beginning of the multivers and the scientific proces, although Connelly does note, “ This is how we end up with nuclear weapons, and scientists claiming that they ’ d only set out to invent something that steamed radishes. ” It may be that I ’ m in British humor mode lately, as I ake my way through Aaronovitch ’ s Grant audio books, but I found myself snickering quite a bit, especially in the eginning.

Like the best child films, there ’ s uite a bit here to amuse those with a classical education, as when Samuel runs into trouble showing Mr. Hume a pin, speculating about angels dancing on the head.Given all the cheeky asides and references, it is a relief that the plot is inventiv and moves briskly.

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