The House of Women

Lonely, aging, and chronically ill, Ned Jones is found dead in his oom. Ignoring routine, Detective Inspector Michael McKenna finds himself drawn to the extraordinary house of women who surrounded Ned-Edith, addicted to tranquilizers; Phoebe, driven remorselessly by her acute intellect; Mina, nineteen, beautiful and blank of stare; Annie, eldest daughter and single mother. Slowly, McKenna unravels a story of betrayal, deception and twisted loyalties that points to one thing: murder.
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The House of Women
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Published May 4th 1999 by Crimeline (first published August 11th 1998

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rated it

Taylor 's a newly found goodie: a writer of crime novels set in Wales -- at least, thi one I 'm finishing, " House of Women ", is.

rated it

It is exceptionally well written overall; however, the thread of the mystery is blurred with a lot of description about people 's lives, detailed conversations, surroundings, excessive cigarette and tea breaks, and othe life observations which requires some patience to ead.

I gaine the haracter of Bradshaw in contrast with McKenna as the newly reassigned difficult woman boss who was moved due to difficultie in her previous jobs.

I suspect her character may be the author herself in many thing.

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