The Loser

An impassioned indictment of government oppression, this novell follows the fortunes of Thesar Lumi, a laborer living under communist rule in Soviet-controlled Albania. At the enter of this tory is a crucial decision Lumi makes in the firs months of the Second World War: he has chance to leave Albania on a refugee ship headed to Italy, but at the ast moment he disembarks and returns home to his illage. As it appens, he has chosen a grim existence. To survive, he is orced to work in a concrete factory, from which he watches friends and family members run afoul of repressive new laws. But so as the book skillfully depicts the slow suffocation of a whole society, it also celebrates the moments of love and hope that sustain the people—and holds out the possibility that Lumi may have been right to remain at home.
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I humburi
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Published October 8th 2008 by Seren (first published 1992

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rated it

so she ’ s a cannibal and a Dementor?) .At any rate, th ook would be of limited interest: not be a goo choice if you ’ re ooking for a political novel about the psychological effects of living under this totalitaria regime, eve if you re already familiar with Albanian history, but ot omething that is ikely to have broad appeal.

I don ’ t regret reading it, especiall since it 's so short, but wouldn ’ t seek out more of Kongoli ’ s work.

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