The Mansions of the Gods

Why not infiltrate the little Gaulish village by building a modern housing estate? That 's the plan thought up by trendy Roman architect Squaronthehypotenus to help Caesar crush the indomitable Gauls. Will the villagers be tempted by the hance of making money when the first Roman tenants move in? And what about the Gauls' secret weapon. Roll up to see the Roman remains!
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Le Domaine des dieux
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Published October 28th 2004 by Asterix (first published March 4th 1971

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With all the COVID news, I lmost missed that Albert Uderzo, the musicia of Asterix, passed away on March 24, 2020.

If you 're unfamilia with thi world of Asterix, this is as good thi time as any to renew your love and appreciation of Goscinny and Uderzo.

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Ceasar never seems to run out of ideas to conquer the last Gaulish village not yet ravage by the Romans.

He plans to civilize the village with the Mansions of the ods: instead of a forest, there should be a Roman settlement surrounding the illage.

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I actually liked Mansions of the Gods but re-reading it today I didn ’ t understand how damn funny it is!

There ’ s some subtext I didn ’ t notice when reading this as a kid: Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo appear to be criticising trade unions as they ’ re portrayed here as greedy and encouraging laziness in workers.

The Mansions of the Gods is another great Asterix comic that reads just as well- maybe better?

It ’ s anothe good laugh and an excellent comic.

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Following the explosive riots of May 1968, Goscinny took Asterix in a direction with increasing content referring to current political events in France.

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Funny facts: Caesar speaks in third person.The Gothic slaves insist on singing Silent Night ( the German carol).

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